The Racers Are Off and Running!

Dear Academy Families,

The racers are off and running! And the weather has been perfect (with relative definitions of “perfect” – sunny for our orientation picnic last week and rainy for our first day of classes this week). New and returning students seem to be engaged and happy to be here… just what we hope for to signal a great start to a great year!

Next week we invite you to Back to School Night on Thursday, September 13, with Senior Kick-Off the same evening, to taste the rich mix for yourselves that your students experience and enjoy every day. While the night is not about any individual student – rather, each teacher will focus on her or his course – it is an important touch-base for parents to meet parents, and for parents to get to know teachers a bit better. I hope you can join us.

Roof construction has added more “chatter” to the first week of classes than we would otherwise have liked, but given this is a major improvement on a roof that has long deserved replacing, the minor annoyance is well worth the long-term benefit. Let’s keep that concept in mind as our students move forward in this — our 20th anniversary – year: whatever short-term bumps-in-the-road occur, it is the long-term and sustainable growth that we will judge ourselves against and measure for each student’s growth and success. Are growing teenagers, like roof replacements, intermittently noisy and disruptive – you betcha! But will they give us decades of satisfaction and improvement…absolutely!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns that – by calling to our attention — would help us to serve you better.  See you at Back to School Night!

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School

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