In Our 20th Year As an Academy

Dear Academy Families,

In this – our 20th – year as an Academy, I plan to remind our students and community of the many ways we have evolved over the two decades from our inception.  Such reminders will involve announcements at All School Meeting (ASM) about what happened in the world 20 years ago this week (and, by the way, parents are always welcome to join us at any ASM), which I will repeat in my weekly letter. While I will use footnotes for this 20 year stroll down memory lane, I hope you all find such reflections backward of value in generating discussion about how an individual, an institution, and a society evolve with time. I also hope you find them to be fun!

This week with Back to School Night means that I will be seeing many of you on campus, so I will let this letter stand on its own, focused on the 20th year spirit, knowing that I will be talking about curriculum and our wider community live from my soap box already this week.

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School


From the Academy’s Inaugural Yearbook (1993-1994):

“Boston University Academy opened its doors in September 1993. The next few months would be critical. Everyone would be watching for ten months as the Inaugural Year progressed. What would  these forty or so students and the faculty be like? What would happen? As pioneers of a new school, their adventure began…Television cameras awaited students and faculty on the first day of school: this school was different.”

This week 20 years ago:

  • Israel and the PLO signed a Peace Accord and joint recognition statements, after 45 years of fighting.
  • Seinfeld’s fifth season aired on September 16, 1993, with its 65th episode, “The Mango.”

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