Student Summer Experience ASM

Dear Academy Families,

I often like to share an exciting ASM (All School Meeting) in my weekly letters, and this week’s represents one of our best:  some of our own students volunteering to share their summer experiences. In addition to the varied mix of topics (see below), these students were poised and graceful public speakers in front of their peers. You would have been proud (I was).

Here are the students and a brief explanation of each topic:

  • Marwa Sayed ’14 on cloning E. coli at the Community Lab at Biogen
  • Adeline Um ’15 on her trip to South Korea and China
  • Katie Royce ’15 on the literacy program at Bowdoin St. Health Center in Dorchester
  • Will Rose ’13, Bennet Vogt ’13, Caroline O’Leary ’13, Carlos Rotgers ’13, and Simon Nichols ‘13 on the Pan-Mass Challenge
  • Juhyun Lee ’14 on three lab internships in her Indiana hometown
  • Rachel Feinberg ’14 on the contemporary art appreciation program at Brandeis University
  • This year’s BUA LEAD (Leadership Explorations and Academic Development) Program counselors Ana-Maria Murphy-Teixidor ’13, Saloni Jain ’13, Hadassa Mikalixen ’14, Asmeret Daniel ’13, David Lax ’14, and Daphne Moskofides ’15

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School

This week 20 years ago:

  • Nolan Ryan, the all-time Major League Baseball strikeout king and known as “The Ryan Express”, pitches his last game.  He was 46.
  • Supreme Soviet dismisses president Boris Yeltsin

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