New and Old Traditions at the Academy

Dear Academy Families,

This week, two exciting co-curricular events occurred, one an Academy tradition and the other a new  idea we hope will become a tradition.

Camp Wing seems to have gone off well despite the damp weather (well, Friday was sunny and clear, at least). This annual outing allows freshmen and sophomores to bond better with each other in their respective grades, as well as fosters cross-grade friendships. The varied activities of high-wire challenges, team-building, and night-time songs around a campfire, are all part of the fun. Many of the teachers and I were there on Thursday to participate (my archery skills were a bit rusty) and to observe our students in this informal and fun setting. Part of our successful academic program is the small, caring community we build to support each other, and Camp Wing has an important role to play in our achieving that.

This Thursday, another grade-level activity –  new to us this year – involved having our juniors meet with experts from the University to work on time-management and health/wellness issues (like sleep and diet).  Around activities such as a lego challenge (where one group got step-by-step instructions, while another group were only given a “completed” diagram to use in construction), our juniors began to appreciate how they do or don’t use their discretionary time, and the life-skills they can acquire to be more efficient and productive. We hope this will become an annual event, like Camp Wing, to support our students’ growth and maturity.

New and old traditions make up the daily life of an Academy student. And we continue to “learn” how to add value to our students’ lives. As a friend of mine likes to say, “You don’t have to be sick to get better!”

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School

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