An Exciting and Productive Week at the Academy

Dear Academy Families,

There have been many exciting activities to share at the Academy in the past week:

An Alumni Council last Thursday, vetting our next strategic goals.

Fall Festival, including a blow-up bouncy castle and contra dancing, plus a soccer victory under the lights and dance topping 150 students.

A faculty retreat also vetting the strategic goals, and working on curricular matters and models to handle our planned enrollment growth.

An ASM presentation on the first eight minutes of “Wall-E” by the chair of BU’s film and T.V. department, who also happens to be an alumni parent of the Academy.

And on Friday, the BUA Parents Association also vetted the short list of upcoming strategic goals (which will be finalized for presentation to BU’s President Brown and Provost Morrison by November or December).

And next week promises to be equally productive, with a faculty grading day for first quarter grades and comments, and I’m off to a conference in Seattle of the National Consortium of Early College Entrance Programs, of which the Academy is one of 10 founding members (only two of which call ourselves a high school embedded in higher education; the other eight are college programs for younger students).

On a more mundane but important note, I must ask parents dropping students off or picking them up to use the parking lot; while not always convenient, this is much safer than curbside stopping, either at our corner or at the 808 Comm. Ave. corner across from us, which are liable to cause accidents and the ire of the University. Thanks for honoring this expectation.

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School

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