A Veritable Swarm!

Dear Academy Families,

We are a busy bunch! The second semester is well launched with a lot of activities beyond our usual classroom energy. From sports games, to concerts, to Shakespeare, we seem to be a hive of activity.

In our first ASM after winter break with all students in attendance, our chorus and chamber ensemble performed, including some choreographed dance accompaniment for one piece. By my calculations, we had 20% of our student body on stage entertaining the rest of us, with a high level of sophistication and skill. Similarly, our drama program produced a brilliant version of A Midsummer’s Night Dream, with 8 foot tall ethereal “fairy” puppets created by our visual arts students. Kudo’s to all the students and faculty involved in these outstanding performances!

And our winter sports teams are active as well, whether the fencing squad or the girls and boys basketball teams. Of course, one of our perennial problems is that as a small school with so many students engaged on teams or on Robotics and Model U.N., there are few bodies left to show up as fans…but we always have a handful of supporters at each game and event.

A quick word on a different kind of activity and ASM: this week Officer Burke of the BU Police Department (BUPD) addressed our students on Lock-Down procedures, as I had mentioned was booked to happen in my December letter after the Newtown tragedy. Officer Burke had trained our faculty in November, and was booked before Newtown to appear at this January ASM, but Newtown made his training all the more pertinent and poignant. We will shortly follow up with an actual Lock-Down drill, so if your student comes home and shares any reactions to this at dinner, please be ready to help “normalize” such drills in the same spirit as a fire drill – such prudent training prepares us for a problem we all hope will never occur. Should your student feel anxious on this topic, please make sure that some adult at the Academy is aware of that, so that we can work with you to relieve any distress on what is naturally a difficult topic.

A hive of activity did I suggest? That’s how our building often feels, which means, I guess, that as our students leave us for off-campus experiences, we become a veritable swarm! Buzz on!

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School

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