The Slog toward Spring

Dear Academy Families,

First it’s over 60 degrees, then it’s down to 4 degrees, then it’s over 60 again, then back to 20…all in a two-week block of January…! In addition to fostering viral contagion (and there is a lot of sickness still circulating), it’s also thrown my biological clock out of whack to have such see-sawing of weather in mid-winter.

And as we enter February – which tends to be the “doldrums” of the winter – it’s not only the weather that can throw me (and our students and faculty) out of whack. This month is the nadir of the whole academic year!

So how can we combat the likely tendency to feel low and disgruntled? The BUA Parent Association breakfast this week at ASM was one good way to start, with great food and the chance for our yearbook staff to get photos of every club, sport, and activity. The ski trip later this month is also a welcome tradition to beat the doldrums of February. And those students running the Senior Play have organized a movie night as well.

Personally, I tend to keep my head down, my feet moving forward, and my mind focused on my daily tasks, as I “slog” towards spring break in March. While I don’t recommend this method for everyone, since each person can adapt his or her own best strategy, I do encourage us all to be aware of this annual dip in energy and engagement, so that we can consciously counteract it — as well as watch out for each other. This is the month when a kind word or a friendly gesture gets “more bang for the buck” than at other times of the year.

So however you decide to craft your own way to keep your spirits up, and however you do or don’t feel about the crazy weather or might be affected by the ongoing sickness, I hope that others in the Academy community are watching out for you, and that you find ways to support them as well, until spring comes to lighten everyone’s mood and perhaps settle our weather…unless, of course, we have snow in April!

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School

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