Real-World Ramifications of Academic Work

Dear Academy Families,

This week at All School Meeting (ASM), history and current events collided. We hosted a panel of BU undergraduates representing “BU LiNK” (Liberty in North Korea). Rather than focus the Academy on what the news is highlighting (nuclear threats, the celebrity distractions of North Korea’s young leader), these BU students directed our BUA audience’s attention instead to the humanitarian issues of poverty, hunger, repressive regime, and international efforts on behalf of the North Korean people.

I will not detail the facts and issues covered, but I do want to report the probing and insightful questions raised at the end of the presentation by our BUA students. One of the most effective parts of the program had been a video of scores of BU students admitting “I don’t know” when asked about North Korea. Clearly, our Academy students were either already ahead of that curve, or were open to learning more.

It is always important for our students to realize that our academic work has real-world ramifications, and this week’s ASM brought that message solidly home. We hone our intellectual skills in order to make the world a better place. Learning about this example of a world humanitarian issue will likely mean that one of our students, one day, will be active in this or some similar global problem, as part of the solution. It gives me faith in our future.

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School


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