In the Chute

The fall semester is really and truly underway now! We’ve already experienced “Back to School Night” (I hope you were able to join us, and found it informative), our first sports competitions, and the start of clubs and activities. Most important, our students are now past “summer reading” and digging deeper into each of their subjects… the intellectual energy in the building could power New York City!

As we are now “in the chute,” I’d like to remind you that mid-term grades and comments come out in the second half of October – which is ample time to take stock and plan strategies for any student not having had a good start. Also, our first admission Open House is Sunday afternoon, October 6, which is on the early end and almost upon us; current students and parents are an important part of our ability to share meaningful insights into our programs with prospective families.

This perfect fall weather — crisp and bright — won’t last long, just as the start of school is fast merging into the work of the academic year. So let’s enjoy these seasonal and cyclical moments fully, as they are fleeting; truly, “time flies when you’re having fun” — and if we aren’t having fun, we aren’t doing our jobs right!

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School