A Choice between Two Great Options

If a “dilemma” involves a choice between two bad options, what’s its opposite called: a choice between two great options? I can’t decide whether last week’s ASM or this week’s was more exciting to share with you!

Last week, a BU Professor of Biomedical Engineering, who happens also to be a BUA mother of one graduate and one current student, spoke on the biomechanics as well as the neuroscience of hearing. Perhaps more amazingly, she came to this Halloween ASM dressed as both Glinda the Good Witch AND the Wicked Witch of the West, in a costume split down the middle, flipping characters by turning one side or the other to the audience: half white satin/lace and blond curls, half black cloth and snarled black hair. As I like to say to my own kids, a parent’s job is to embarrass our children in public, and we do our job very well!

This week, however, was exciting in a completely different way: our annual student-musical-talent-show ASM, not with our own choral group and chamber ensemble, but with individuals who have developed their musical interests. So we had eight performances, from piano to oboe to trumpet, and acoustical as well as electric guitars, ending with our Nota Bene a cappella group singing Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.” I can’t adequately express the wonderful vibes of our very impressive musicians…with about 10% of our student body on stage performing for our wider community.

So you decide between these two great examples…and if you come up with the right word to counter  “dilemma,” let me know. Thanks!

Warm regards,
James S. Berkman
Head of School