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Note to the Editor

Last week I read an interesting op-ed column by David Brooks on “The Employer’s Creed,” in which he makes a number of valid points about hiring to promote cultural values (The New York Times, April 1). Who wouldn’t want workers imbued with resilience, honesty, and humanity? That said, Brooks assumes that uniformly high grades are […]

The Budding Warmth of Spring

It’s that time of year: admitted students checking us out; college acceptances arriving for our Seniors; and April weather peeking its balmy head above this winter’s cold! I hope many of you can join us at our Admitted Student Reception this Sunday, April 6, from 4-6 p.m. in the SMG atrium and theater; please let […]

On Censorship

Periodically a question of “censorship” falls into my lap…though I have a different label for it (which we’ll get to below). Sometimes it involves a choice of dramatic production (Urinetown? some provocative 10-minute play to show at assembly?), sometimes it comes from the creative writing of our students submitted to our literary magazine The Muse. […]

The Spirit of Philanthropy

I want to reflect on the spirit of philanthropy in independent schools like BU Academy. While it is true we have a significant tuition, I think it is important to point out two facts: first, in relative terms to most prestigious peer day schools in the Boston area, the Academy is still a good value, […]

Being Prepared to Face Our Future

Have any of you seen the film Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix and the voice of Scarlett Johansson? It takes place in the near future, and is a brilliant story about a man falling in love with his computer’s O.S. (operating system), which is an artificial intelligence that has a true consciousness (despite lacking a body). […]

Improving Work/Life Balance

In a recent Harvard Business School article by Boris Groysberg and Robin Abrahams, “Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life: Zero in on What Really Matters” (summarized in the Marshall Memo # 524), the gist — while focused on corporate executives, the lessons apply to all of us – ties directly into one of the Academy’s […]

Optimistic Resilience in Gaming

Before I begin, let me announce that BU President Bob Brown — with regrets — has had to reschedule our February 19th BUA community evening. An unavoidable conflict has just arisen, so we will let you know when he can be with us in the future. Last week I heard a speaker on…wait for it…video […]

BU President Meeting with BUA Community

As our mission is to be a full-service high school embedded in a major research university, I have two exciting announcements to share about our University connections. First, as most of you have already received an invitation, BU President Bob Brown will join members of the Academy community – parents and faculty – for an […]

Deciding Snow Days

Snow days….can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! It’s one of the worst duties a Head of School can have, balancing the need to protect class time with the need to keep the safety of our students front-&-center (the latter always wins). Most often, announcing a decision the night before seems considerate of families […]

The Role of Teaching History & Civic Values

I had the privilege this week to attend a conference focusing on MLK Jr. Day and the role of teaching history/civic values in a k-12 education. The event, hosted by an organization run by an Academy parent, included an extraordinary group of “blue chip” speakers: two Pulitzer Prize winning authors known for their works on […]