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Experiencing Our Teachers’ Intellectual Passions

Dear Academy Families, I get to sit in on our wonderful Academy classes whenever I want (and even get to teach our students, in 10th grade English this year and with Senior Theses). I can affirm that the intellectual energy is palpable and exciting, from both students and teachers! That’s one reason we began our […]

Juggling Life as Our Students Do

December has always struck me as the most fertile month academically…meaning our students have hit their stride in fall semester and can now accomplish an incredible amount of intellectual synthesis in just a few weeks. It’s called exam period, with all the prep leading up to the actual exam week! Teaching a section of 10th […]

Getting the Word Out about BUA

This week the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), which is the accrediting body for BU and BUA, is holding its annual conference at the Copley Plaza. I was invited to be on a panel discussing K-16 partnerships. The other two panelists represented the perspective from higher education: the Dean of the Lynch […]

On the Topic of Silence

I’ve been talking about silence with my students in the 10th grade English section I am teaching this year. The topic came up in two ways. We’re doing Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice right now, in which a couple characters are ribbed by others for talking too much. Later there’s a painful speech about having a […]

A Choice between Two Great Options

If a “dilemma” involves a choice between two bad options, what’s its opposite called: a choice between two great options? I can’t decide whether last week’s ASM or this week’s was more exciting to share with you! Last week, a BU Professor of Biomedical Engineering, who happens also to be a BUA mother of one […]

Faculty Lecture Series 2013-2014

We often talk about “life-long learning,” but we rarely have such a wonderful opportunity actually to engage with it. Well, here’s your chance! The Academy has for several years run a series of Faculty Lectures, given by our own amazingly learned teachers. This year’s roster is especially varied and exciting: Monday, Nov. 11: Dr. Brett […]

The Theme is “Fun!”

With the tradition of Fall Festival fast approaching on Friday, October 11 – with afternoon fun in the gym, followed by pizza for the kids, a soccer game under the lights at Nickerson Field, and the Fall Festival dance after that – we have decided to add a new component this year: a barbecue for […]


Last week was our first All School Meeting (ASM), and what a great way to start! We held our now-annual “Student Summer Experience” presentation, with eight volunteers ranging across the four grades. Not only was the range of topics remarkable, but the poise and public-speaking displayed were show-stoppers! The experiences were accessible to any student […]

In the Chute

The fall semester is really and truly underway now! We’ve already experienced “Back to School Night” (I hope you were able to join us, and found it informative), our first sports competitions, and the start of clubs and activities. Most important, our students are now past “summer reading” and digging deeper into each of their […]

Happy 20th Birthday, Arcadia

Last week I wrote on science and math education; this week I’ll link science and math to Romantic poetry, gardens, Latin verse, love, sex and Time! Or, perhaps more accurately, I’ll reflect on how Tom Stoppard does just that in Arcadia, our all-school summer reading selection being discussed this week. I want to encourage you […]