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Freshman Study Habits

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY JANINA HUANG | OCTOBER, 2012 | As an incoming freshman this year at BUA, I had an assortment of worries, like if I’d enjoy my classes or get lost trying to find my way via public transportation to school. Perhaps one of my biggest worries, though, was if I’d […]

It’s Time to Take a Stand

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY SARAH HOUGH | OCTOBER, 2012 | The brightness of the fire is blinding, the heat searing. The smoke, which fills the air, is inescapable. Metal bars enclose the windows and all the doors except for one are locked. All is chaos—young children screaming for their mothers, older men desperately […]

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions: A TV Review

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY SOPHIA WEDEEN | SEPTEMBER, 2012 | Last week, I caught the season premieres of two quite funny TV shows. The people who brought you Herman Cain (the Pokémon-singing pizza man) and Rick Perry (our resident expert on the Federal Executive Departments) presented a spectacular new comedy: Romney/Ryan 2012. But […]

BUA Rides the Pan-Mass Challenge

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY BENNETT VOGT | SEPTEMBER, 2012 | It was dark as the national anthem rang out over a sea of bike riders. The race started and thousands of people all began to move. The riders took up an entire lane of the highway in Sturbridge, MA. The 5:30am start left […]

My HOBY Experience Summer 2012

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY DAVID LAX | SEPTEMBER, 2012 | June 8, 2012. A Friday, two days after I had finished exams. In the grand scheme of things, the last thing on my mind was going to a leadership seminar for a three day weekend with a small group of kids from Boston […]