September 12

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new BU Admissions blog!

By Stacey Milton

Hello from BU Admissions!

The process of applying to college has changed dramatically since I applied back in the fall of 2000. There were about 28,000 applications for admission that year, and I was beyond thrilled when I received the great news that I would be a future terrier and member of BU’s Class of 2005.

Now, as a BU alumna and member of the board of admission, it’s an honor to participate in the selection of the students who continue to shape this amazing place. It is so exciting to watch BU’s popularity grow each year – for the Class of 2015 we had close to 42,000 applications for admission!

My colleagues and I love being a part of this wonderful institution, and we hope you are as excited to learn more about BU as we are to share our stories. Through this blog, we will chronicle our adventures traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally as we meet with prospective students in the fall. We will share some tips to help you with the college admissions process (in our office alone we have over 75 years of shared admissions experience!).  And we will pass along some of the very cool, interesting things that we think you should know about BU. This place is ever-changing, so we are always learning new things (and we like it that way).

So, please keep in touch. Ask us questions. Let us know what you would like to know more about. And we’ll keep it coming!

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