September 17

Allow me to introduce myself…

By Stacey Milton

Stacey Milton, regional representative for PA & DE

Stacey Milton, regional representative for PA & DE

My relationship with BU started over 10 years ago, when I was a high school sophomore living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I fell in love with journalism, spurred on by a minor obsession with the film Almost Famous (I wanted desperately to become a writer for Rolling Stone magazine). It was around this time that I set my sights on BU’s College of Communication. I submitted my Early Decision application by snail mail after completing several drafts of the paper (yes, paper) application. When I received my decision letter in December congratulating me on my admission, I was over the moon with excitement.

Now, six years and two degrees later (I earned my B.S. in Journalism and M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration) I am still here on BU’s campus, working in admissions as a Senior Assistant Director. I may not be traveling with my favorite bands on a tour bus, but I do get to spend a few months a year traveling to my region of PA & DE visiting prospective and admitted students. I think that’s pretty awesome (and I make some sweet playlists for the each trip). In my free time, I enjoy traveling and camping – I hope to visit all of our national parks. I love to cook, I’m learning to knit, and right now I’m obsessed with The Hunger Games.

I love that I now play a role in the selection of future BU students. What first drew me to BU’s campus many years ago is also what has kept me here – the incredibly bright and diverse student body, the vibrant city of Boston and the endless opportunities that this institution offers all who are up to the challenge. I’m still proud to be a BU Terrier, and I look forward to sharing my stories, insight and tips with the Class of 2016, and beyond.

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