September 26

Meet Jonathan

By Jonathan

Welcome to the new Boston University Admissions blog!  I am Jonathan Aleshire, one of several staff members who will be contributing to the blog.  I hope that this will be a place where you can discover new things about the university and where I can share insight about the admissions process. 

 One of the first questions I often ask a prospective student is “What initially got you interested in BU?” Surprisingly, my story is similar to one many students tell me.  I learned about BU from an admissions counselor at a college fair! Let me go back a few years…

 I attended Elon University for my bachelor’s degree and graduated in 2006.  After working in New York City for a year, I returned to my alma mater to work in the admissions office.  During the next four years, I earned my master’s degree and spent a lot of time visiting high schools and college fairs on behalf of Elon.  In addition to the prospective students I met while traveling, I also met many people from all over the world who had found their way into the admissions profession.   This past spring I was attending a college fair in Connecticut and met an admissions counselor from BU.  We spent some time with the usual introduction conversation topics, during which I mentioned how much I loved Boston.  This led to a conversation about BU and then about a job opening within the admissions office.  As soon as I made it back to my hotel room that night, I pulled up the BU webpage and began to explore. 

 I read about the amazing academic programs, study abroad, research and the myriad of opportunities at BU; it immediately drew me in!  That same week I submitted my application for the admissions position.  Fast forward a few months and here I am working at BU!  I am very excited to be a part of the BU admissions team!

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