October 14

BU students travel too

By kede

We’ve talked a lot about our BU Admissions Directors’ chance to travel the globe while meeting prospective students. But, did you know as a BU student you’ll have the same opportunity?

Our study abroad program is the premier program in the country, with academic and internship opportunities in over 25 countries. Always wanted to visit Italy? At BU you can. How about Morocco, China or New Zealand? Yep, we have programs there too.

As impressive as the 1.3-mile BU campus is, we encourage students to get out of here and challenge themselves! Some are pursuing engineering studies in Dresden, Germany, others are interning at Yahoo in London. You can study language, liberal arts, fine arts, science, business, engineering, or pursue an internship. The opportunities abroad really are unbelievable.

As you consider applying to BU, think about the opportunity to study in an internationally ranked and recognized U.S. university, but also consider the chance to gain an international perspective of your own. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll have a blog just like this one to share your study abroad experiences in.

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