October 21

Want some Admissions Advice?

By Stacey Milton

You’ve come to the right place. This week we will begin posting a series of tips to help prospective students navigate the long (but rewarding) admissions process.

Admissions Tip #1

BE CURIOUS. Brochures are great but nothing beats speaking with someone who has the inside scoop. At college fairs, ask questions that can’t be answered by the university’s brochure.

College fairs are a pretty ubiquitous part of the college search process. Generally, these events bring together college representatives and prospective students in a gymnasium or similar venue, and they provide great opportunities to ask questions, collect information, and generally learn more about a particular institution. However, they can also be somewhat overwhelming. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the college fair experience.

1. Come prepared. If possible, find out what schools are going to be present, and make a list of the ones you definitely want to check out. This will give you some direction in navigating the many tables.

2. Have a list of questions prepared –if you have questions you would like answered. It’s easy to forget the things you wanted to ask when suddenly faced with an admissions rep and there are lots of other students around you.

3. Make your questions count. Most of the brochures you pick up will have the basic requirements, average test scores and GPA, and other statistics. Take this opportunity to ask the more detailed questions about campus life, professor accessibility or options for double majoring and study abroad.

4. Create some shortcuts where you can! Most colleges will ask you to fill out an inquiry card – this will put you on their mailing list, as well as track your interest as a student. It’s always better to fill these out, even if you are already on the list, but filling these out at every table can take time. So, make some labels for yourself with all of your information so that you won’t have to take time at each table. (Insider tip: Grab an extra card to use as a model, so you know what to include!)

5. Don’t be intimidated. Admissions reps are people, too, and we want to help you find the best college fit. Find us at these events and come have a chat. We love to share our stories and insight about BU!

6. Bring a pen and a bag to collect information. This may seem silly, but it will make the whole process a little easier!

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