October 23

Applying Early Decision: A current BU freshman looks back on his application process

By Stacey Milton

John-Michael (left) & friends

John-Michael Sedor (COM'15), left, and friends

Hi there!

My name is John-Michael Sedor and I am from Philadelphia, PA. About a year ago, I started my senior year at the Westtown School and began the process of applying to college —  I had three schools in mind and BU was one of them. A friend of mine was at BU and this was one  reason I decided to apply. I’ve been interested in working in radio since I was a kid, and my friend happened to work at WTBU, Boston University’s radio station. I visited him early in the year and was able to take a tour of the school and the radio station. I loved everything about BU and Boston! Everyone I met was extremely nice and I felt very comfortable. After that visit I decided to apply Early Decision.

The main reasons I decided to go ED was because I loved the school, and a representative from BU mentioned that my chances of admission could be higher under ED (there are only about a thousand applicants, versus 39,000!). Applying ED meant that I would be one of the first students to hear where I might have a place for the fall. By mid-December I was notified that I had been admitted into BU’s College of Communication. I was thrilled, and it was a great feeling to know where I was going so early! This was also great for my senior year because I was finished with the stressful college process early, and did not have to balance that with all of my school work. It also felt awesome to know where I was headed while most of my friends were still wondering whether or not they would be admitted to their first-choice colleges.

Hanging out at Fenway Park

Hanging out at Fenway Park

Now I am a quarter of the way through my freshmen year and I am having an awesome time. I love my classes and there is so much to do in the city. To be honest, I was a little nervous about BU seemingly not having an “actual campus,” but I quickly found that’s not the case. Plus, all of the academic buildings (and classes) are on one main street: Commonwealth Avenue. BU does a great job of enabling new students to immediately become immersed in extra-curricular activities. I work with two radio shows at WTBU and am also a part of BUTV. Already as a freshman I have controlled a radio show and helped film an episode of Terrier Nation, a Boston University college sports show. I never imagined that I would be this involved so early. Also, Boston is an amazing city; it has so much to offer and it’s easy to get around.

Freshman John-Michael Sedor with Rhett, BU's mascot

With Rhett, BU's mascot

I am really glad that I applied to BU early decision and I am excited about my future here as a Terrier!

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  1. From Sam Thomson

    Hi John-Michael!

    I’m so happy to hear that things are going well for you at BU. It’s great that you are already so involved with the radio and TV stations! (Clearly, you’re a natural.. as proof in your stellar post-PF Changs call-in to 96.5.)

    Let us know when you’re on air. We’ll be sure to tune in!

    Take care,

  2. From Jensbraun

    Very funny video;-)

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