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December 7

Admissions Tip #4: Staying on top of all those deadlines!

By Stacey Milton

Get organized. Buy a calendar and put college deadlines on it.

We are headed toward mid-December, with many college deadlines, including BU’s, quickly approaching. This, combined with the end of the semester, final exams and papers, is a wonderful combination for stress! So, give yourself a break and map out what you are going to need to do over the next month. Using a calendar, planner, or even an Excel sheet, can make it much easier to stay on top of upcoming deadlines. You can also make notes for yourself. Notes like “Essay written, need to proofread” or “Need to check website for audition dates” can help you to see what is, and still needs to be, completed.

Once you have everything organized and on one page, use it! Check it weekly to remind yourself of what is coming up soon and then prioritize. And don’t forget that the brochures you collected over the spring and fall from college fairs, visits at your high school, and other events probably have all of the info you are looking for — or, just go online! Most colleges have a page on their website with a consolidated list of all application requirements and deadlines. This time of year you’ll probably find the answer more quickly by checking the website than calling the office. And make sure you check off the items you have completed or submitted! There’s a real sense of satisfaction in knowing that you are that much closer to being completely done.

And if, lo and behold, you do miss a deadline, get in touch with the admissions office quickly, and by phone. We are happy to help if we can and trust us, yours probably won’t be the first or only panicked call we receive!

Happy planning!

November 30

BU hosts Global Urban Health Summit on campus

By Stacey Milton

We’ve met many students during our admissions travels who are interested in the areas of medicine and public health. Here is an interesting story from BU Today about a new global health initiative that is being led by Boston University:

“The future of public health is urban health. That was the consensus among researchers at the Global Urban Health Summit hosted by BU’s Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD) October 28. Public health experts from universities in the United States and abroad explored strategies to meet the overwhelming health challenges of the urban poor, from New York City to the slums of New Delhi and Nairobi. The meeting, held at the Hotel Commonwealth, also marked the launch of BU’s Global Urban Health program, which will add new talent and an expanded research agenda to the center.”

You can check out the rest Susan Seligson’s article here.

November 17

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Stacey Milton

Don’t forget, Boston University is closed Thursday, November 24, and Friday November 25 in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is one of the many American traditions that international students get to experience for the first time while on campus. We  even have a Thanksgiving themed dinner in the dining hall before the break!

For those who have never celebrated the holiday and will remain on campus, there is a Thanksgiving Meal at Marsh Chapel at 2pm on Thanksgiving Day! All students, faculty and staff on campus during the holiday are welcome to attend.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Ann Corbett
International Student Advisor

October 23

Applying Early Decision: A current BU freshman looks back on his application process

By Stacey Milton

John-Michael (left) & friends

John-Michael Sedor (COM'15), left, and friends

Hi there!

My name is John-Michael Sedor and I am from Philadelphia, PA. About a year ago, I started my senior year at the Westtown School and began the process of applying to college —  I had three schools in mind and BU was one of them. A friend of mine was at BU and this was one  reason I decided to apply. I’ve been interested in working in radio since I was a kid, and my friend happened to work at WTBU, Boston University’s radio station. I visited him early in the year and was able to take a tour of the school and the radio station. I loved everything about BU and Boston! Everyone I met was extremely nice and I felt very comfortable. After that visit I decided to apply Early Decision.

The main reasons I decided to go ED was because I loved the school, and a representative from BU mentioned that my chances of admission could be higher under ED (there are only about a thousand applicants, versus 39,000!). Applying ED meant that I would be one of the first students to hear where I might have a place for the fall. By mid-December I was notified that I had been admitted into BU’s College of Communication. I was thrilled, and it was a great feeling to know where I was going so early! This was also great for my senior year because I was finished with the stressful college process early, and did not have to balance that with all of my school work. It also felt awesome to know where I was headed while most of my friends were still wondering whether or not they would be admitted to their first-choice colleges.

Hanging out at Fenway Park

Hanging out at Fenway Park

Now I am a quarter of the way through my freshmen year and I am having an awesome time. I love my classes and there is so much to do in the city. To be honest, I was a little nervous about BU seemingly not having an “actual campus,” but I quickly found that’s not the case. Plus, all of the academic buildings (and classes) are on one main street: Commonwealth Avenue. BU does a great job of enabling new students to immediately become immersed in extra-curricular activities. I work with two radio shows at WTBU and am also a part of BUTV. Already as a freshman I have controlled a radio show and helped film an episode of Terrier Nation, a Boston University college sports show. I never imagined that I would be this involved so early. Also, Boston is an amazing city; it has so much to offer and it’s easy to get around.

Freshman John-Michael Sedor with Rhett, BU's mascot

With Rhett, BU's mascot

I am really glad that I applied to BU early decision and I am excited about my future here as a Terrier!

October 21

Want some Admissions Advice?

By Stacey Milton

You’ve come to the right place. This week we will begin posting a series of tips to help prospective students navigate the long (but rewarding) admissions process.

Admissions Tip #1

BE CURIOUS. Brochures are great but nothing beats speaking with someone who has the inside scoop. At college fairs, ask questions that can’t be answered by the university’s brochure.

College fairs are a pretty ubiquitous part of the college search process. Generally, these events bring together college representatives and prospective students in a gymnasium or similar venue, and they provide great opportunities to ask questions, collect information, and generally learn more about a particular institution. However, they can also be somewhat overwhelming. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the college fair experience.

1. Come prepared. If possible, find out what schools are going to be present, and make a list of the ones you definitely want to check out. This will give you some direction in navigating the many tables.

2. Have a list of questions prepared –if you have questions you would like answered. It’s easy to forget the things you wanted to ask when suddenly faced with an admissions rep and there are lots of other students around you.

3. Make your questions count. Most of the brochures you pick up will have the basic requirements, average test scores and GPA, and other statistics. Take this opportunity to ask the more detailed questions about campus life, professor accessibility or options for double majoring and study abroad.

4. Create some shortcuts where you can! Most colleges will ask you to fill out an inquiry card – this will put you on their mailing list, as well as track your interest as a student. It’s always better to fill these out, even if you are already on the list, but filling these out at every table can take time. So, make some labels for yourself with all of your information so that you won’t have to take time at each table. (Insider tip: Grab an extra card to use as a model, so you know what to include!)

5. Don’t be intimidated. Admissions reps are people, too, and we want to help you find the best college fit. Find us at these events and come have a chat. We love to share our stories and insight about BU!

6. Bring a pen and a bag to collect information. This may seem silly, but it will make the whole process a little easier!

October 18

The leaves are changing! Here’s what’s happening around Boston this season

By Stacey Milton

Lake Wannapowitt in Wakefield, MA, courtesy of our own Rachel Boyle.

Lake Wannapowitt in Wakefield, MA, courtesy of our own Rachel Boyle.

Boston University has students from all over the country, and all over the world. With that said, whether you are from Los Angeles, Chicago, or Mumbai – or even from right here on the East Coast – it’s hard not to love Boston in the fall. The leaves are changing, the air is cool and crisp, and the sweaters are coming out. We are right in the midst of my favorite season, and there is so much to take advantage of as a student in the Boston area this time of year! Many students take it upon themselves to head out and find fun ways to spend a crisp October day, but you will also find that Resident Assistants and student groups often organize some pretty awesome day trips around the Boston area.

Here are just a few of the things you could look forward to!

Check out the beautiful fall foliage at the Arnold Arboretum – you don’t even need to leave the city! Take a tour of the “marvelous maples”, or learn about autumn fruits. Even better, it’s only a short T ride from campus.

Chill out with the Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival. This annual event is generally scheduled toward the end of September along Columbus Avenue in downtown Boston. Listen to some great tunes, eat delicious food from all over the world and even check out the “instrument petting zoo”!

Spend a day at the Harvard Square Oktoberfest. You can take a hot air balloon ride over Cambridge! Among other activities, there is a parade, lots of arts and crafts, tasty fall food, and several music stages.

Take a Halloween Haunted Beacon Hill Tour! Learn some fun history, hear some ghost stories, and spend a night walking around one of Boston’s most beautiful areas.

And…one cannot miss a trip up to historic Salem, MA for some Haunted Happenings! You’ll find haunted cruises and ghost tours by trolley and candlelight. Home of the infamous Salem Witch Trials (there’s even a museum!) this is a wonderfully spooky way to spend an October day.

October 17

Hello from BU’s Admissions Reception Center!

By Stacey Milton


121 Bay State Road, home to our visitor center

I am Leah McDermott, the Senior Staff Coordinator based at 121 Bay State Road.  I am the very lucky person who gets to manage the day-to-day operations of BU’s “front door.”  I really feel that I have one of the greatest jobs in admissions.

Every day I walk down a picture-perfect street lined with brownstones to an ivy-covered building with marble pillars—truly the epitome of what comes to mind when you hear the words “Boston” & “University.”  I’ll let you discover what lies behind our ten-foot wooden doors, but the beauty of the building isn’t even half the reason why I love my job so much.

I love the energy and enthusiasm that lives inside this historic building.  I spend my days with our student volunteers and staff members and the BU spirit that fills this place is simply contagious.  We have about 200 students volunteer to be Ambassadors of BU and I would say the major qualifications for this position are easy to meet:  love BU and love talking about why you love BU!

Brownstones along Bay State Road

Brownstones along Bay State Road

Our tour guides love chatting with students, parents, staff – even the walls – about their experiences as BU students.  I have heard stories ranging from the secrets of Google from a former student intern (well, I now know that they have secrets, I didn’t get the details) to learning how to use a “toilet” during a semester abroad in Morocco.  I am constantly wowed by the accomplishments of our students and learn something new exciting about the fabric of our community every day.  Ambassadors are the people who live and breathe BU and they jump at the chance to share their excitement with prospective students and their families, and me!

It is this wealth of fresh, positive energy from the students at 121 that has really helped to me feel like a member of the BU community since I started working here last January.  The granite steps and wrought iron lattice that lines the porch certainly describe a “Boston” “University,” but it is the passion from our students that defines Boston University.  I hope you’ll come visit us here in Boston someday soon so you can meet some of the awesome people I get to work with everyday because we certainly would love to meet you!

October 8

From the Alamo to Plymouth Rock to Mexico City – our staff is covering the globe!

By Stacey Milton

Here are few pictures sent in by our staff this week. As you can see, we’re not spending too much time in Boston these days!

Thanks to Stephanie, Zoe and Duffy for sharing their photos from the road. Safe travels out there!

View of the Auditorio Nacional in Parque Chapultepec.

View of the Auditorio Nacional in Parque Chapultepec.

Stephanie Gonzalez snapped this shot while visiting Plymouth, MA.

Stephanie Gonzalez snapped this shot while visiting Plymouth, MA.

Zoe Winkler, our Texas rep, was joined by Assistant Director Jeff Williams and current student, Dexter, at the Alamo.

Zoe Winkler, our Texas rep, was joined by Assistant Director Jeff Williams and current student, Dexter, at the Alamo.

October 4

To be, or not to be…applying Early Decision?

By Stacey Milton

Associate Director Jon Korhonen, regional rep for Southern FL

Associate Director Jon Korhonen, regional rep for Southern FL

Greetings prospective BU Students!

My name is Jon Korhonen, and I am the Associate Director for Early Decision at Boston University. My colleagues and I have met many of you already during our travels this year. It is always exciting to learn that BU is a #1 choice for so many seniors!

If you have decided that Boston University is your top choice, I would like to encourage you to consider being an Early Decision candidate for admission.  Last year we received about 42,000 applications for admission, and only about 1,000 of those were for Early Decision. This means that you have a unique opportunity to stand out and highlight your candidacy for admission within a smaller applicant pool.  We value a student’s demonstrated interest in BU, and Early Decision is certainly the best way to show that you are really excited about being a BU Terrier!

If you are applying Early Decision, please remember that both the application and the CSS Profile (if you are applying for need-based financial aid) are due on November 1. You will receive a decision letter and financial aid award by December 15.  As you may already know, Early Decision is a binding process, and is different from Early Action (which BU does not offer), therefore it is expected that admitted Early Decision students will enroll with our class next year (the enrollment deposit is due by January 15, 2012).

If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Best of luck to all of you, and I look forward to seeing your Early Decision application in a few weeks!

October 2

BU in Racine, Wisconsin

By Stacey Milton

Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine, WI

Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine, WI

Thanks to Dan Casseley, our regional Assistant Director for the parts of the Mid-West, for sharing this photo from Wisconsin! We love that old school BU binder you’re rocking, Dan.

Minnesotans: Dan will be visiting high schools around the Twin Cities this week, so be on the lookout!