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December 15

What movie are we going to see this weekend?

By Stacey Milton

Coolidge Corner Theatre, located just off campus in nearby Brookline

Some of my favorite memories of being a student a BU include weekend outings to the movies with friends. Living in Myles Standish Hall, we were a ten minute walk from the theatre at Fenway. I couldn’t tell you how many weekends were spent corralling a group of five or more to see the new Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter (there was a new film in either series for each year I was a BU student — it was awesome).

As a high school student, I worked in a small, five-screen movie theatre in my hometown. I loved working behind the scenes as a projectionist, but often lamented that many of the films that I wanted to check out – mostly indie or foreign films – never made it to our little town. I was like a kid in a candy store when I found that in Boston I could see every film that I wanted to check out. I think I saw Amélie three times at the theatre in Copley. Alas, this particular theatre is now a Barneys.

I have no doubt that current students are still enjoying this movie-going tradition on the weekends. In fact, I was thrilled to come across this post from BU Culture Shock, the blog of BU’s Howard Thurman Center. Their recent post, “CULTS, CLASSICS AND REAL BUTTER” is a great guide to the many independent theatres in the Boston area. Film buffs, take notice. You’ll want to check these out for sure.

December 13

What did you do this year?

By Stacey Milton

Annual Report 2011

We’ve had a busy year. Check out BU’s Annual Report to learn all about it!

November 30

BU hosts Global Urban Health Summit on campus

By Stacey Milton

We’ve met many students during our admissions travels who are interested in the areas of medicine and public health. Here is an interesting story from BU Today about a new global health initiative that is being led by Boston University:

“The future of public health is urban health. That was the consensus among researchers at the Global Urban Health Summit hosted by BU’s Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD) October 28. Public health experts from universities in the United States and abroad explored strategies to meet the overwhelming health challenges of the urban poor, from New York City to the slums of New Delhi and Nairobi. The meeting, held at the Hotel Commonwealth, also marked the launch of BU’s Global Urban Health program, which will add new talent and an expanded research agenda to the center.”

You can check out the rest Susan Seligson’s article here.

October 18

The leaves are changing! Here’s what’s happening around Boston this season

By Stacey Milton

Lake Wannapowitt in Wakefield, MA, courtesy of our own Rachel Boyle.

Lake Wannapowitt in Wakefield, MA, courtesy of our own Rachel Boyle.

Boston University has students from all over the country, and all over the world. With that said, whether you are from Los Angeles, Chicago, or Mumbai – or even from right here on the East Coast – it’s hard not to love Boston in the fall. The leaves are changing, the air is cool and crisp, and the sweaters are coming out. We are right in the midst of my favorite season, and there is so much to take advantage of as a student in the Boston area this time of year! Many students take it upon themselves to head out and find fun ways to spend a crisp October day, but you will also find that Resident Assistants and student groups often organize some pretty awesome day trips around the Boston area.

Here are just a few of the things you could look forward to!

Check out the beautiful fall foliage at the Arnold Arboretum – you don’t even need to leave the city! Take a tour of the “marvelous maples”, or learn about autumn fruits. Even better, it’s only a short T ride from campus.

Chill out with the Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival. This annual event is generally scheduled toward the end of September along Columbus Avenue in downtown Boston. Listen to some great tunes, eat delicious food from all over the world and even check out the “instrument petting zoo”!

Spend a day at the Harvard Square Oktoberfest. You can take a hot air balloon ride over Cambridge! Among other activities, there is a parade, lots of arts and crafts, tasty fall food, and several music stages.

Take a Halloween Haunted Beacon Hill Tour! Learn some fun history, hear some ghost stories, and spend a night walking around one of Boston’s most beautiful areas.

And…one cannot miss a trip up to historic Salem, MA for some Haunted Happenings! You’ll find haunted cruises and ghost tours by trolley and candlelight. Home of the infamous Salem Witch Trials (there’s even a museum!) this is a wonderfully spooky way to spend an October day.

October 17

Hello from BU’s Admissions Reception Center!

By Stacey Milton


121 Bay State Road, home to our visitor center

I am Leah McDermott, the Senior Staff Coordinator based at 121 Bay State Road.  I am the very lucky person who gets to manage the day-to-day operations of BU’s “front door.”  I really feel that I have one of the greatest jobs in admissions.

Every day I walk down a picture-perfect street lined with brownstones to an ivy-covered building with marble pillars—truly the epitome of what comes to mind when you hear the words “Boston” & “University.”  I’ll let you discover what lies behind our ten-foot wooden doors, but the beauty of the building isn’t even half the reason why I love my job so much.

I love the energy and enthusiasm that lives inside this historic building.  I spend my days with our student volunteers and staff members and the BU spirit that fills this place is simply contagious.  We have about 200 students volunteer to be Ambassadors of BU and I would say the major qualifications for this position are easy to meet:  love BU and love talking about why you love BU!

Brownstones along Bay State Road

Brownstones along Bay State Road

Our tour guides love chatting with students, parents, staff – even the walls – about their experiences as BU students.  I have heard stories ranging from the secrets of Google from a former student intern (well, I now know that they have secrets, I didn’t get the details) to learning how to use a “toilet” during a semester abroad in Morocco.  I am constantly wowed by the accomplishments of our students and learn something new exciting about the fabric of our community every day.  Ambassadors are the people who live and breathe BU and they jump at the chance to share their excitement with prospective students and their families, and me!

It is this wealth of fresh, positive energy from the students at 121 that has really helped to me feel like a member of the BU community since I started working here last January.  The granite steps and wrought iron lattice that lines the porch certainly describe a “Boston” “University,” but it is the passion from our students that defines Boston University.  I hope you’ll come visit us here in Boston someday soon so you can meet some of the awesome people I get to work with everyday because we certainly would love to meet you!

September 26

BU is #1

By kede

Woohooo! Unigo and HuffPost College named Boston University the #1 Best Place to Go to College!

Below is a short excerpt, you can read the full post here:

With a storied history, bustling sports culture, and more than 50 colleges in the city, Boston is one of the most exciting places in the country to be a student, and BU is right in the thick of it. “Often, friends and I would go around the city to eat in Boston’s ‘little Italy’ the North End, or catch a Red Sox game, or go to a local bar and shoot pool. The benefit, for me, of going to college within a city was there never seemed to be a shortage of anything to do,” says Rachel, a theatre major.

September 22

Lights, camera, action!

By kede

IMG_2235John Gursky joined the Admissions team on September 1, and today he toured the College of Communication’s (COM) BUTV10 film studios to learn more about the curriculum for COM students. He does a pretty great impression of a news anchor, doesn’t he? is Boston University’s student-produced and managed television station. Established in 2005, it’s a University-wide resource that presents the work of students, faculty and alumni via campus channel 10, live streaming video and on-demand web content. If you’re thinking about applying to COM, you should know it’s just one of the cool resources offered to students.

On October 17, John will begin his international travel to spread the word about all of BU’s exciting academic opportunities in nine undergraduate colleges and schools. There’s a lot to learn before then! Good luck John.