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January 14

Daring Yourself to Think BU

By kede

Boston University Viewbook cover

My role in admissions isn’t a traditional one. I don’t travel to meet with prospective students. It’s not part of my job to welcome students who visit our beautiful campus. But I still communicate with them every day.

I develop the publications you receive throughout your journey as a prospective student or applicant, including our keystone piece, the Viewbook. You may have already received a “We Dare You” Viewbook in the mail, or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about (if not, you can request to have one mailed to you).

As my colleagues read tens of thousands of applications, they have heard from many of you how the “daring” theme has made you realize why BU is so different from other universities, and so worth applying to.

In many essays, applicants have shared how their search for a university comes down to more than just a name or reputation; they’re interested in finding a place where they can thrive. It may sound silly to pick a university based on an oversized pamphlet, but many of you felt that our Viewbook stood out and showed how BU will allow you to stretch your mind in ways you never imagined before. You felt you belonged at BU just from the stories it told and the campus personality it conveyed. I’m thrilled we were able to convey the essence of this university through these pages.

My job here is, in some ways, made simple because what speaks to you on the pages of the Viewbook are simply facts about BU. These facts—the incredible research, courses, global experiences, and perspectives of our students—vividly show how BU is a perfect fit for the students who ultimately come here.

Take the students who provided local media coverage remotely from the London Olympics. Or BU’s only deaf freshman who is learning Arabic through American Sign Language to further her archaeology studies. The young woman who is educating students in Belize on the affects of diabetes. And the young man who founded a charitable “mailbox” campaign on campus.

Then there’s the undergrad students working with faculty on graduate-level research projects that would blow your mind. I could list them, but it’s really worth checking them out yourself.

The truth is, there aren’t enough pages in the Viewbook for us to share even a small percentage of what’s happening at BU. But I’m so happy that the things we are able to share are inspiring you to apply here.

As you anxiously await your decisions, we will continue doing our jobs to keep you filled in on BU happenings and interesting bits of information. And regardless of whether you are accepted and decide to attend BU or not, I hope you always find ways to dare yourself to keep growing.

– Kristin Ede
Sr. Assistant Director of Admissions Marketing and Communications