November 6

Figuring Out Your Path as an International Applicant

By caitfair

The BU Admissions team has been travelling across the United States and the globe to meet students who are interested in studying at Boston University. Our International Team set out in September and October to bring a little bit of Boston abroad. Caitlin Fairfield, an Assistant Director of International Admissions, met with students in Europe through college fairs and high school visits.

Caitlin Fairfield

Caitlin Fairfield at CIS Geneva College Night

Having been an international student myself, I have a profound sense of admiration for those who chose to pursue their undergraduate degree abroad.

Bravely, all freshmen coming to Boston University start a new chapter, a new leaf, a new life, and a new set of friends. International students do all of this, sometimes in a new language, a new culture, a new style of education. As an international student, there are always many questions about the ins-and-outs of college life that are not so different than American freshmen: Where to go? What to eat? How far is the closest burger place? And for international students, the questions of student visas and TOEFL scores are thrown into the mix. Or maybe simply why American kids wear bright sneakers instead of shiny, pointy shoes. It’s a lot to grasp. Keep in mind, there are always resources (like the International Admissions office) to help you with practical and cultural queries, all along the way.

In my travels, I was fortunate to meet students from all across the globe in places like London, England, Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium, Madrid, Spain, Zurich, Geneva, and throughout Germany and the Czech Republic. Many students had questions about curriculum changes (like transitioning from IB curriculum to the American system), living arrangements, and food choices for students.

First, let me tell you, if you are on an international curriculum, you will be a wonderful fit for Boston University. The kind of preparation you receive from the IB, French Baccalaureate, or German Abitur is one that will prepare you well for the challenging work at BU. Our flexible academic structure and liberal arts based curriculum fused with professional studies allows students to explore their preferred area of study, while growing in personal experiences, and keeping an open mind. At BU, we like to think big, we like to see the whole picture.

The Swiss Alps

BU traveling through the Swiss Alps

As far as the other two concerns of housing and food, all Boston University students are guaranteed all four years, and the dining services here may even rival your local patisserie. All the basics (like your new favorite place to study overlooking Kenmore Square) are covered!

So, relax. Focus on your strengths, and where you would like to go with BU. As international students, you are already adventurers, and this is your big moment with your own American Dream. You are equipped to take on the challenge of American education, and just like they say, the American folks are pretty friendly, and ready to make life-long friends from all around the world.




October 31

Application Deadline Extensions Due to Superstorm Sandy

By Gordon Ryan


Due to the severity of Superstorm Sandy and the implications for our applicants, the Early Decision, January Admission Freshman, and January Admission Transfer application deadlines have been extended to Monday, November 5, 2012 Thursday, November 15, 2012. In addition, all financial aid deadlines related to these applications have also been extended to November 15.

We at Boston University Admissions understand that it’s been a difficult past few days for many of our prospective students and their families throughout the east coast, especially as our staff and current students here in Boston have also experienced disruptions due to the storm. It is our hope that these extensions will give a little breathing room to those of you who have been planning to apply, but have had their time to do so impacted by the storm. We know it is of utmost importance to be able to complete your applications to the best of your ability, without interference from uncontrollable circumstances.

Best of luck to all applicants. If you still have any questions or concerns regarding these deadlines or anything else relative to your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

October 29

BU Admissions Interruptions Due to Hurricane Sandy

By Stacey Milton

Hurricane Sandy

Due to the severe weather that is affecting the entire east coast, BU Admissions has been grounded for a few days. In fact, Boston University and much of Boston is closed today—a rare occurrence.

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we’ve had to contend with cancelled flights and school closures, and we will be unable to visit some schools as originally planned this week. This is disappointing, as we always look forward to meeting students in person. We’ve also extended our Early Decision deadline to Monday, November 5, 2012.

If BU Admissions is not able to visit your school this year, please know that you are always welcome to contact your regional admissions representative with any questions, concerns, or to simply introduce yourself.

For those in the path of the storm, we hope you stay safe, warm and dry. Good luck!

October 25

How to Make the Most Out of College Visits to Your High School

By Stacey Milton

Boston University pennants at a high school visit

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been visiting high schools in my region to meet with students who are interested in learning more about Boston University. My colleagues are doing the same thing around the country, and around the globe. We generally spend 30 minutes to an hour meeting with students and counselors, explaining the application process, discussing academic programs and answering questions. Despite the hectic days of navigating traffic in semi-unfamiliar places, frequent stops at Starbucks and the perpetual challenge of finding a school’s main entrance, I truly enjoy this process and look forward to meeting students in their element. I know my colleagues feel the same way.

As I am in my sixth year visiting students in my region, I’ve noticed some trends in the questions that are asked, as well as the way students approach college visits in general. Some trends are good, some are not so good. So, I thought I’d provide a little insight—and advice—regarding how to make the most out of college visits to your high schools. These tips can also be applied to other forums where you might be meeting with college representatives.

Ask questions. While I absolutely love to hear myself talk, meeting with students who are interested in BU tends to be much more engaging for everyone if the students I meet with actually seem interested. This is your opportunity to get some face time with me and, believe it or not, I remember the students who are most alert, attentive, and engaged during my visits. Additionally, I have a hard time believing that there isn’t at least one thing you’d like to know more about. Most likely, your peers have similar questions. Be brave and speak up!

Ask relevant questions. There are no stupid questions. Some questions, however, are better than others. Questions like “How is your psychology program?” or one of my favorites, “What can you tell me about BU?” (do you have three hours to listen to that answer?), are too broad and aren’t going to help you learn much more about a place. Think about what matters to you with regard to your college experience. Is it access to undergraduate research? Internship opportunities? Unique electives or interdisciplinary majors? Ask targeted questions related to the topics most important to you to help you better understand the University.

Come with a pen (or pencil). Sound kind of basic? I think so, too. Still, bring a writing utensil to a college visit. Most college reps will ask you to complete an information card and, in most cases, doing this allows a college or university to track that you took the time to come and meet with them—a good thing, since it demonstrates interest. Interested students are interesting to us.

Refrain from telling a college rep that their school is your “safety.” I recently had a student tell me that BU was her “safety” school, and that she knew she could get in. She then went on to tell me everything she knew about BU (not all of which was accurate). Needless to say, this is not the best way to make a strong first impression with a university. And who knows, you might need that “safety” after all!

Be an active listener and pay attention. If I’ve spent five minutes talking about study abroad, and a student asks me if we have study abroad opportunities, I’m a little befuddled. It’s one thing to ask for a clarification—“you talked about the ways students can double major, but I’m unclear about exactly how that works”—as this is different from asking about something I’ve already gone into great detail about. Plus, your peers might snicker at you, because they were paying attention and heard it the first time.

October 23

Fall Visit Day – 10/25/12

By jmceach

John McEachern, Director of Admissions

John McEachern, Director of Admissions

An invitation! I’m sure that you’ve heard from your counselors and countless college representatives that a visit to campus is perhaps the most important tool you have when narrowing your college list. When you visit a campus you get a sense of the vibe and you learn what’s important to the student body through demonstrations, performances, events, and conversations you overhear.

When you’re on your visit, you’ll get an opportunity to hear about what the university has to offer, not only from Admissions folks, but also from current students. You may get to cross paths with professors and you will definitely get to check out the facilities. You may even get an opportunity to grab a bite to eat from a dining hall or food court. Basically, you will have an opportunity to have all of your questions answered, and you’ll meet the people who will be reviewing your application. Not to mention, in our case, it gives you an excuse to come to one of the most dynamic, young, and exciting cities in the country.

Conveniently enough, we have an exciting program for you to consider. This Thursday, October 25, we will be hosting students and parents just like you to get a taste of BU during our Fall Visit Day. You will have the opportunity to hear from our Student Body President about what he thinks makes BU so great. You will hear from Assistant Professor Andrew West of the Astronomy Department, who will share what excites him about teaching BU undergraduates. You will get a glimpse into the admissions process and participate in evaluating three hypothetical students competing for admission. Hear from the Director of the Kilachand Honors College, Professor Charles Dellheim, about what makes our Honors College so unique. At the end of the campus tour, we’ll treat you and your family to lunch in one of our outstanding dining halls (I promise you won’t be disappointed). Finally, wrap up your day by visiting one of our nine undergraduate schools and colleges.

If October 25 doesn’t work for you, we welcome you to join us for our daily information session and campus tour. Check our website for a complete list of visit options and make sure that you register in advance. We hope to see you soon!

John McEachern, Director of Admissions
CAS ’99 and SED ’05


October 16

Applying Early Decision

By Gordon Ryan

Jon Korhonen

Greetings prospective BU Students!

My name is Jon Korhonen, and I am the Associate Director for Early Decision at Boston University. My colleagues and I have met many of you already during our travels this year. It is always exciting to learn that BU is a #1 choice for so many seniors!

If you have decided that Boston University is your top choice, I would like to encourage you to consider being an Early Decision candidate for admission. Last year we received more than 44,000 applications for admission. The competition for a place in our incoming class of 3,800 students is increasing. By applying to BU as an early decision applicant, you have a unique opportunity to stand out and highlight your candidacy for admission within a smaller applicant pool. We value a student’s demonstrated interest in BU, and Early Decision is certainly the best way to show that you are really excited about being a Terrier!

If you are applying Early Decision, please remember that both the application and the CSS Profile (if you are applying for need-based financial aid) are due on November 1. Additionally, we give the same percentage of merit scholarships to our admitted Early Decision class as we do to our Regular Decision class. All Early Decision students will receive a decision letter and financial aid award by December 15. Since Early Decision is a binding process, we do require you to submit your enrollment deposit is by January 15.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Also, be sure to check out our “Top Five Reasons to Apply Early Decision” and some insight into the Early Decision experience from current ED students in the video below. Best of luck to all of you, and I look forward to seeing your Early Decision application in a few weeks!

September 24

See you this fall

By Stacey Milton

It feels like we were just out on the road meeting with newly admitted Terriers, and yet our travels to meet with prospective BU applicants have begun yet again.

View from the T - a perfect fall day on campus

My colleagues are all across the country—and world—visiting students at high schools and holding special admissions events. Just last week, I was meeting with juniors and seniors in Delaware and Chester County, Pennsylvania. I was pleasantly surprised to see great numbers everywhere I went. It was a fun four days, even in spite of some wicked rain and flooding in Pottstown, PA. I’m thrilled that so many students are taking the time to learn more about BU, and I can’t wait to meet even more over the next two months.

This beautiful fall weekend in Boston was also quite BU-oriented. Boston University welcomed thousands of alumni back to campus for our annual Reunion Weekend. Kicking off the celebration on Saturday night was an impressive display of talent – from student choirs to the Boston Pops. I saw lots of familiar faces as different student groups were highlighted; our admissions volunteers really ARE involved in everything. I was super proud to see one our Admissions Ambassadors, Alison Weltman, representing the Community Service Center and announcing a 1 million hour student service pledge over the next five years.

Tomorrow, it’s back to eastern PA, my Admissions home-away-from-home (and for me, it really is home!). I’m looking forward to meeting many  interesting students thinking about BU.

And, if you happen to be in Tampa, FL; Warwick, RI; Long Island, NY; Troy, MI; or Portland, OR – we hope to see you Monday night at our BU Admissions event!

Dean Kenneth Elmore leads an impromptu Jeopardy match during Alumni Weekend's Celebration of BU

BU's Pep Band, bringing down the arena

March 26

Congratulations to BU’s Class of 2016!

By Stacey Milton

You may have noticed that our blog has been a little quiet for the past few weeks. BU Admissions received a record number of applications this year – nearly 44,000 – and our staff was kept quite busy reviewing and selecting the students who have now been offered a place in BU’s Class of 2016. We are thrilled that the news is out and we can finally welcome all of you as future BU Terriers!

As you may have heard, this was the most competitive year to be applying to Boston University. We saw an increase in the number of applications, as well as an increase in the overall competition of the applicant pool. To add to this, we are also enrolling a slightly smaller freshman class. This made our job especially challenging, and for those of you offered a place in the class, we hope that you are as proud of yourselves as we are.

You are also a very interesting group! I know I can safely speak for my colleagues when I say that some of your extra-curricular activities and schedules are simply mind-boggling. I hope you spend some time on our Admitted Student site to learn some interesting facts about your future classmates. I am so impressed, and frankly a little exhausted, by all that you have done over the past four years.

We have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know you over the past year or so – it’s hard to believe that we met some of you as sophomores! My colleagues and I look forward to seeing you in the weeks and months ahead as we embark on events both on and off-campus. If you can join us on campus for an Open House program, please do – it can be a wonderful opportunity to revisit why you decided to apply to BU in the first place. If you cannot come back to campus, we hope to see you at one of our many off-campus events, where you can meet with current students, faculty, and alumni.

Finally, as a very proud alumna of BU, I want to welcome you to the BU family. By accepting your place in BU’s Class of 2016, you will be joining a community of over 30,000 current students and more than 250,000 alumni. I  know that the tradition of academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and global engagement will continue with each and every one of you. You have an amazing ride ahead of you, and we are so excited that we get to share it with you.

Welcome to BU.

March 5

Study Abroad Series: An aspiring teacher goes Down Under

By Stacey Milton

From Boston Harbor to Sydney Harbor: A trip half way around the world for the experience of a life time

Writing & photos by Maggie Tittler (SED’12)

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Going to Sydney, Australia to teach abroad was probably one of my crazier, more impulsive decisions. After only three days of living in the southern hemisphere, I visited my school, and two days later I was in my classroom with 26 nine and ten-year-old boys and girls. I would say 99% of the people you talk to who have gone abroad will rave about their experience ad nauseam. I will tell you immediately that I am one of those people. Instead of boring you with every story, experience, and adventure I have chosen a tasteful collection of my photos with a short description of the adventure associated with each. If you have more questions for me about my abroad experience, you can contact me at MaggieT@bu.edu. Also, to see more of my adventures, feel free to check out my blog from my travels:http://maggietittler.tumblr.com/.

Sunrise over Boston

Sunrise over Boston



Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do when I got to Australia was kidnap a kangaroo and/or koala. Though I never brought them back to my apartment, I did get to pet them pretty early on in my trip. We went to Featherdale Wildlife Park and saw our fair share of animals native to Australia.

Sleepy koala

Sleepy koala


With my new friend, the kangaroo

I spent four days in Cairns (pronounces “cans”), which is in the North East of Australia. They were probably the four most consecutively dangerous days of my life and included rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and sky diving. My parents were not thrilled when they found out after the fact, but my students loved learning about my change in potential and kinetic energy and the forces involved as I flew up to 14,000ft and jumped!

Just hangin' around

Just hangin' around

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Not having a bit of fun. None at all.

Not having a bit of fun. None at all.

Treetops of the rainforest

Treetops of the rainforest

My experience in the classroom was nothing short of incredible. My teacher and supervisor were so supportive and gave me some great constructive criticism. The school where I taught has a tight-knit school community, and I met some inspirational people I will bring with me to the teaching adventures that await me post-graduation.

With my Sydney students

With my Sydney students

Going abroad to Australia and traveling after to New Zealand and Fiji gave me incredible opportunities to work on my photography, which I hope to one day consider a professional hobby that I can include in both my classroom and my personal life. My last two weeks consisted of a phone-less and relatively direction-less trip to New Zealand followed by Fiji. I knew I was going to get to the south island and travel for about a week, I just did not really know how. Once I made it there, I took the Magic Bus down the south island, stopping at a new destination each day. I met a wonderful group of people from every walk of life, from bee-keepers to environmentalists to musicians to doctors and lawyers, all ranging from 21 to 60 years of age. Finally, I caught a plane from Fiji on the 21st of December (at 11pm) and landed in Los Angeles on the 21st of December (noon).





As my parents helped to move me in to my apartment for my final semester at Boston University, my mom asked me if I thought the experience abroad was worth it and if I would recommend it to future students. Without hesitation, I told her study abroad should be required for all students. Going abroad is not only a great way to spend one of your eight semesters, but it is a temporary (or for some a permanent) life change that every student should take advantage of. The experience provides an alternative perspective, encourages an open mind and a new spin on the world around us. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore, dream, and discover.

February 3

Financial Aid Deadline – February 15

By jckeller


Yes, the admissions deadline has passed, but you aren’t done yet! We encourage all applicants to apply for financial aid. The only way to find out how much aid you will get is to apply.

Boston University requires both the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You must apply by February 15, 2012 to be considered for financial aid from BU.

Step 1: Complete your CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and your FAFSA.

Step 2: CSS/PROFILE and FAFSA will each send you an email acknowledging that they received your application. Read these emails carefully.  Additional steps may be required to complete your applications.

Questions? Contact BU Financial Assistance at 617-353-2965 or finaid@bu.edu.