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March 26

Congratulations to BU’s Class of 2016!

By Stacey Milton

You may have noticed that our blog has been a little quiet for the past few weeks. BU Admissions received a record number of applications this year – nearly 44,000 – and our staff was kept quite busy reviewing and selecting the students who have now been offered a place in BU’s Class of 2016. We are thrilled that the news is out and we can finally welcome all of you as future BU Terriers!

As you may have heard, this was the most competitive year to be applying to Boston University. We saw an increase in the number of applications, as well as an increase in the overall competition of the applicant pool. To add to this, we are also enrolling a slightly smaller freshman class. This made our job especially challenging, and for those of you offered a place in the class, we hope that you are as proud of yourselves as we are.

You are also a very interesting group! I know I can safely speak for my colleagues when I say that some of your extra-curricular activities and schedules are simply mind-boggling. I hope you spend some time on our Admitted Student site to learn some interesting facts about your future classmates. I am so impressed, and frankly a little exhausted, by all that you have done over the past four years.

We have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know you over the past year or so – it’s hard to believe that we met some of you as sophomores! My colleagues and I look forward to seeing you in the weeks and months ahead as we embark on events both on and off-campus. If you can join us on campus for an Open House program, please do – it can be a wonderful opportunity to revisit why you decided to apply to BU in the first place. If you cannot come back to campus, we hope to see you at one of our many off-campus events, where you can meet with current students, faculty, and alumni.

Finally, as a very proud alumna of BU, I want to welcome you to the BU family. By accepting your place in BU’s Class of 2016, you will be joining a community of over 30,000 current students and more than 250,000 alumni. I  know that the tradition of academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and global engagement will continue with each and every one of you. You have an amazing ride ahead of you, and we are so excited that we get to share it with you.

Welcome to BU.

January 10

The life-cycle of a BU application

By Stacey Milton

Although campus is still relatively quiet, and classes won’t begin for another week, there is a lot of activity happening here in the BU Admissions office. Over the next couple months, our staff will read and review over 40,000 applications for the Class of 2016. So how do we do it?

Well, there is a lot of coffee involved (and luckily, a Starbucks and a Panera across the street). This time of year, we spend most every day reading applications, sometimes in the office; sometimes at home (which makes my cat very happy). In fact, there’s a pretty good chance your application could be initially reviewed by someone sitting at home in their pajamas!

When we receive an application from the Common App, it is  uploaded into our system, where it is then matched with all other required forms – recommendation letters, transcripts, school reports – and any test scores that we may have received. Eventually, these are all matched together with a student’s name, and a University ID is issued to the file.

Once a file is complete, it enters our online reading system so that we can begin the review process. As you may already know, BU Admissions reads regionally, and so we each tend to focus on our own state, or states, initially. I work specifically with PA and DE, and I’m thrilled to see the names of students that I remember meeting this past fall while visiting high schools in my region. We also read for all nine undergraduate schools and colleges.

After an initial review has been completed, a few things can happen. A decision may be recommended and the file will be looked at in committee, where several members of the board of admissions will discuss the applicant and come to a final decision. Or, if an applicant is clearly a strong candidate for admission, we may be able to make a final decision and move along to the next. With each file we review, we also may be considering an applicant for a scholarship or our highly selective Kilachand Honors College. Applicants to our College of Fine Arts receive an initial academic review and are also discussed in committee once an artistic evaluation (based on a portfolio or audition) is completed.

The process of reviewing applications is often referred to as an “art, rather than a science.” This is especially true for BU Admissions, where our applicant pool is predominantly made up of academically impressive students. Thus, we are attempting to build a class of individuals who will not only thrive as BU students, but who will truly enjoy their experience, and who really want to be here. We are thinking, “Would this student contribute to the classroom discussion?” or “Would they get involved with an a cappella group, the Community Service Center, or take advantage of research opportunities?” and one of my favorites, “Would you want this student as your roommate?

Believe it or not, it’s also a lot of fun, which makes the long days and slight eye twitch bearable. My colleagues and I look forward to reading many, many more applications over the next couple months as we complete the class. And we all look forward to April, when we get to leave our offices, rejoin the world and meet all of the wonderful students who have been offered a place in BU’s Class of 2016!

September 22

Lights, camera, action!

By kede

IMG_2235John Gursky joined the Admissions team on September 1, and today he toured the College of Communication’s (COM) BUTV10 film studios to learn more about the curriculum for COM students. He does a pretty great impression of a news anchor, doesn’t he? is Boston University’s student-produced and managed television station. Established in 2005, it’s a University-wide resource that presents the work of students, faculty and alumni via campus channel 10, live streaming video and on-demand web content. If you’re thinking about applying to COM, you should know it’s just one of the cool resources offered to students.

On October 17, John will begin his international travel to spread the word about all of BU’s exciting academic opportunities in nine undergraduate colleges and schools. There’s a lot to learn before then! Good luck John.

September 15

BU in Beijing!

By kede

Kelly BeijingDuring her travels in Beijing, Assistant Vice President & Executive Director of Admissions Kelly A. Walter visited with Principal Tian at Beijing School No. 80.  This is one of the top schools in Beijing, and their most recent visitor was the President of China, Hu Jintao. This is the only school he visited in Beijing. Very impressive!

BU is one of the top 10 universities in the U.S. for international students, with representation from more than 100 countries – including Argentina, China, France, India, Poland, and Turkey.

September 12

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new BU Admissions blog!

By Stacey Milton

Hello from BU Admissions!

The process of applying to college has changed dramatically since I applied back in the fall of 2000. There were about 28,000 applications for admission that year, and I was beyond thrilled when I received the great news that I would be a future terrier and member of BU’s Class of 2005.

Now, as a BU alumna and member of the board of admission, it’s an honor to participate in the selection of the students who continue to shape this amazing place. It is so exciting to watch BU’s popularity grow each year – for the Class of 2015 we had close to 42,000 applications for admission!

My colleagues and I love being a part of this wonderful institution, and we hope you are as excited to learn more about BU as we are to share our stories. Through this blog, we will chronicle our adventures traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally as we meet with prospective students in the fall. We will share some tips to help you with the college admissions process (in our office alone we have over 75 years of shared admissions experience!).  And we will pass along some of the very cool, interesting things that we think you should know about BU. This place is ever-changing, so we are always learning new things (and we like it that way).

So, please keep in touch. Ask us questions. Let us know what you would like to know more about. And we’ll keep it coming!