Cancer Killing DNA Nanobots?!

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Researchers at the Wyss Institute have developed nano-machines made out of DNA that can be programmed to deliver its payload to targeted cells. The payload can be specific molecules, proteins, or antibodies which deliver a message to receptorĀ proteinsĀ on the surface of the cell.

For example:

“Douglas and Bachelet used this system to deliver instructions, which were encoded in antibody fragments, to two different types of cancer cells — leukemia and lymphoma. In each case, the message to the cell was to activate its ‘suicide switch’ — a standard feature that allows aging or abnormal cells to be eliminated. And since leukemia and lymphoma cells speak different languages, the messages were written in different antibody combinations.”

Watch this short video and go to the original article for more information about this potentially groundbreaking work.

DNA nanorobot from Wyss Institute on Vimeo.

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