Hello AEMB members,

We hope everything is going well since we last saw you at the Induction Dinner, BMES Conference, or Lecture Series! As the academic year is approaching the end (and yes, we are graduating!), we are looking for committed junior AEMB members to take over the E-board.

The deadline to tell us if you would like to run for a position is 5pm on Monday, Feb 25th. Voting will take place along with an ice cream social on Feb 26 between 7 and 8pm at ERB 203, just before Trivia Night! Of course, our seniors are welcome too!

If you are unable to make it to the elections, please email us a short speech!

The positions and their responsibilities are:


As the president of AEMB you will be the primary leader and contact for the group. You will share all the responsibilities with the other positions, but will be tasked to coordinate the efforts of the entire group and lead the E-board meetings.


The VP acts as the supporting role for the e-board. If the President, Secretary, or Treasurer need help on any given task, the VP will be the one that is first tasked with helping out.  Along with the President, the VP will also help maintain communications with Nationals, as well as organize all membership information.


The secretary will be responsible for taking notes during meetings, drafting and sending emails to members, maintaining the website, updating the application forms, and helping to coordinate the the induction dinner.


As treasurer of AEMB you will be responsible for keeping financial records of the group while being the main source of contact with the student activities office (SAO).

Hope to see you at the Ice Cream Social & Elections!

AEMB E-Board


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