About me

IMG_20180503_101210I am a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science working with Dr. Peter Huybers. Broadly, I am interested in water fluxes and feedbacks within the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum and the role of vegetation in modulating these feedbacks in a changing climate. I am keen on using observational data from a variety of platforms (including satellites, weather stations, eddy covariance towers, etc.) to model the interactions between the land and atmosphere.

I obtained my Ph.D. at Boston University in the Department of Earth and Environment. My dissertation research focused on detecting and attributing multi-decadal trends in evapotranspiration over the continental United States. Much of my time at BU was spent developing a method to estimate evapotranspiration from data collected at common weather stations, which we call the “ETRHEQ method” (see “Published Models” page for more information on the ETRHEQ method).