March 13, 2020: “Victor Ongoma, former CAS Visiting Fellow, publishes a research article on Kenyan tea.”



 February 18, 2020 (News and Views): “Satellites for supply-side water balancing” 

Tigchelaar, M. Satellites for supply-side water balancing. Nature Food 1, 104 (2020).


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September 12, 2019: “Climate change poses a serious threat to the world’s food supply. Hydrologists are utilizing satellites to map the most at-risk agricultural zones to devise plans for safeguarding crops.”


h_research_16-10469-SCIENCE-03March 30, 2017: “Science Club for Girls Takes STEM to the Next Generation”




March 7, 2017: “FLUXNET Young Scientist Profile- Angela J. Rigden”