Important Notice!

Hey everyone,

We just received news that we will no longer be able to practice at Archery USA after this week. As of right now, we are still looking for ranges in the area. The club will hold off on practice temporarily for two weeks for now, until we find a permanent place. We’ll definitely let you know when practice will resume, so keep checking this website for updates or check the Facebook page! Hope to see you soon.

To clarify, there is still practice this week. Make sure to come!



Practice March 22nd!

Here’s the doodle link for this week!

Practice on March 8th

Here’s the link to doodle. Sign up for the last practice before spring break!

Archery Practice, March 1st

The doodle link is available next week. Sign up as soon as you can!

Archery 101

Hi members,

hope you all are enjoying the long weekend.

As i have told some of you before, the club is aiming to establish a competitive team in the next year or two and now that we have about 20 members in total, i believe it is a good time to start talking about basic techniques for Archery.

I am considering of having some sort of a lecture sometime soon for those of you who are interested in being in the competitive team down the road. I’m going to post a instruction manual that i was given by the U.S national Archery coach few years ago. It might be a little hard to tackle for beginners, but it still provides a lot of useful tips that you can try from next practice. If you have any questions regarding the manual, feel free to comment or shoot me an email.



here’s the link for the manual.

Practice February 23rd!

Here’s the link to the next week’s practice. Sign up as soon as you can to secure your spot! Also, remember that if you haven’t paid your dues, you won’t be given priority on the bus. Have a wonderful week.

Dues Reminder

Hi everyone,

The e-board has some ideas about new equipment and practices; but to efficiently plan, we need to know how much money we can work with and how many people plan to be part of the club.

There are many members who have not paid dues yet. If you have been to a practice in the past (you get one free trial) and plan to return, we ask that you bring your dues to the next practice or give it to one of the officers soon.

We are excited that the club is growing quickly, but we need to be strict because van seats are limited. Please make sure you pay by Thursday, February 16th. After that date, we will select those who paid over those who did not pay in terms of who goes to practice, regardless of who signed up on Doodle first.

Just a reminder, it is $50 per semester. If you paid $70 last semester you only need to give $30 this semester. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Thank you for understanding and hope to see you soon!

Practice on February 16th

Here’s the doodle link for next week’s practice on the 16th Sign up as soon as you can to secure a spot. (:

Status update for tomorrow’s practice

Hi people, its Kento here.

I wanted to update with you guys with the current situation for tomorrow’s practice.

so unfortunately, we were unable to secure enough drivers to operate two vans for this week. We were hoping that two of our new members who are pending on their van certificate will be certified by Thursday but it seems that’s not going to happen.

As of now, we have 15 people signed up for tomorrow’s practice. Evan Tuohey and I are willing to drop out for this week’s practice to make room for other people. however, we need one more volunteer to skip this week’s practice. That person will be secured with next week’s practice ( and a little something from the club) as a “thank you”. If are willing to volunteer, please send a text to 860-961-7166 with your name.

I really apologize for the inconvenience, and we should be able to operate two vans by no later than next week’s practice.


Practice on February 9th

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Here’s the link to this week’s Doodle sign-up. Deadline is Tuesday at midnight. If you won’t know by then, please email us and let us know. Once again, the meet at 808 Comm. Ave.

For those of you who are certain Archery club is for you, remember that you still have to turn in dues! Don’t forget.