Dues Reminder

Hi everyone,

The e-board has some ideas about new equipment and practices; but to efficiently plan, we need to know how much money we can work with and how many people plan to be part of the club.

There are many members who have not paid dues yet. If you have been to a practice in the past (you get one free trial) and plan to return, we ask that you bring your dues to the next practice or give it to one of the officers soon.

We are excited that the club is growing quickly, but we need to be strict because van seats are limited. Please make sure you pay by Thursday, February 16th. After that date, we will select those who paid over those who did not pay in terms of who goes to practice, regardless of who signed up on Doodle first.

Just a reminder, it is $50 per semester. If you paid $70 last semester you only need to give $30 this semester. If you have any questions feel free to email me at jkc29@bu.edu.

Thank you for understanding and hope to see you soon!

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