Information Session tomorrow!!

Hi members,

The Archery club is having a general information session tomorrow for returning members and new incoming members!

It will be held at Fitrec 222 from 8pm! We will discuss this semester’s plan and also want to hold a small discussion about some fun topics (t-shirts, social event etc)

So please come over! and bring your friends if they are interested in joining the club!

Thank you!


Practice on February 2nd

For those of you who want peace of mind and want to sign up for practice next week, I’ve provided the link below. Remember that the deadline is Tuesday at midnight so that we can arrange for drivers that particular week. New members are always welcome to free trials!

For those returning members, just a reminder that club dues have gone down to $50 per semester. If you paid $70 last semester, you’ll only need to pay $30 this semester. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

General Meeting postponed!

Our general meeting has been postponed! Unfortunately, we were unable to get a classroom at FitRec like planned. We’ll let you know when it’ll take place later on. Practice will still be taking place tomorrow. Meet us at 808 Commonwealth Avenue at 6pm. If you know how to get to the parking lot downstairs, go there. If not, wait outside where the gallery is and we’ll drive up. Don’t be late! OR just let us know before hand. 🙂 Please call or text Kento at (860) 961-7166.

Practice on January 26th

If you will be going to practice on Thursday January 26th, make sure to register your name on the link below. The cut-off date will be Tuesday at midnight. Remember, new members get to try out archery for free the first few times!

General Meeting on January 24th

We’ll be holding our first general meeting of the semester on Tuesday, the 24th. If you want to learn about the club or a returning member, come stop by! The meeting will take place on the second floor of FitRec at 8pm. Email us at if you have any questions. Thanks!