Montage Update!

Mark your calendars people! Montage is 2.5 weeks away and we’re in full “swing” to use a terrible pun. The beginner number as many of you may have already guessed will indeed be a super sassy swing done to this summer’s hit song “Cooler than me” by Mike Posner. We will also be performing a Mambo to Robin Thicke’s “Everything I can’t have“, and a samba done to “Mas que nada” by Sergio Mendes ft. the Black Eyed Peas.

It’s sure to be a great show! we’ve got some great talent lined up from all over the BU community! This year’s show features

The Edge Dance Company
Step About Boston
Rick Anderson

The BosTones
Chordially Yours
BU On Broadway
BU Ballroom Dance

That’s all for now!
XoXo – The Cabana Boy <3

Uconn’s Husky Classic Competition

So Sunday (10/10/10) was our first competition of the semester at the University of Connecticut! Everyone somehow managed to get themselves to west campus at the wee hours of the morning for the bus to leave by 5:30. Then finally, after driving around in circles just a little bit we managed to find our way to Gampel Pavilion and start the getting dressed, doing hair, being sparkly, and in Danny’s case – sleeping. Then the competition started. The standard and smooth rounds went really well and were punctuated by a fantastic rookie-veteran fun dance during which we danced a swing, polka, hustle, and samba. Harrison came in second with his fantastic sock-wearing samba and Steven snapped a picture of Mariah’s intense polka.

Mariah does the polka

Mariah does the polka

Then the latin rounds started and we got to see Kristie’s sassy side come out, way to rock you two, keep it up. Everyone danced spectacularly and it was great watching you all do well!

Kristie and Famil dancing the jive.

Kristie and Famil dancing the jive.

So what started as an over-tired, way too early sort of cold day ended (still tiredly — exhaustedly), yet good. Everyone danced great and had fun which is the most important part. We had a great to kick off ¬†the competition season and I’m definitely looking forward to more competitions with you all throughout the year. Congratulations especially to those people whose first competition it was, keep up the good work!

Get psyched for Harvard Beginners competition coming up on October 17th! We’re looking forward to having more of our new couples competing for the first time together on Sunday. It’s going to be another day full of sparkles, loud music, and dancing — I hope that you’re all excited, I know I am!

Stay Sassy and Keep on Dancing!
Bag Lady

Saturday’s Open Practice

This past Saturday was a blast at our 3rd weekend practice. Though there wasn’t the pageant of Paso Doble skirts from Haley’s “Box-o-Fun,” We did get to witness a fantastic display of same-sex Foxtrot by Harrison and Aaron, and had a blast watching Danny try to lead the samba – Key word here is “try”. Kate brought out her camera and snapped a few great pictures of the events.

Fahmil and Kristie

If you’re interested, we hold ¬†practices every saturday from 4-8. The hours of 4-6 are typically dedicated to a review of that weeks Latin and Standard lessons – So fear not if you can’t make it to a lesson that week. While 6-8 are usually reserved for open practice (i.e, the iPod is set to shuffle, and you dance whatever dance comes on).

Tiago and Yuliya

This coming Saturday (10/9) we’ll be holding a “mock-comp” for our new competitors, as our first REAL competition is on Sunday at the University of Connecticut.

Until Next Time—-
The Cabana Boy <3 xoxo