Back to School, Back to BU Cycling

WELCOME BACK…errr, almost! While we’re certainly not the most eager to see summer come to an end, we are extremely pumped to kick off another great year of riding and racing. As things at home or at your fancy shmancy summer beach house wind down, there are a couple of dates to mark down on your calendars in preparation for the new year. First, BU’s anual event, SPLASH, will be taking place the first weekend before school starts. More specifically, you’ll be able to find a bunch of us passing out flyers and getting new members excited about cycling on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2 at Nickerson Field. Should be a fun time, and even if you’re already on the team and don’t need any of the information we’ll be handing out, come down and say hey! As tradition will have it, this will mean that our first team ride of the semester will officially take place on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at 9AM. Bring your bikes. Bring your helmets. Bring some legs. Water might be good too.

Lastly, Inventory has been taken and we have a limited number of jerseys, shorts, jackets, and vests hanging around that are totally up for grabs (and by that, I mean you can purchase them if you so choose). If you’re interested in buying another kit or vest or whatever, email the team email at Further, we have a nearly unlimited number of booties, arm warmers, and leg warmers. AND SOCKS. We have so many socks with our awesome little BU Cycling logo on them. Honestly, they’re the perfect addition to any closet. Get one pair for every day of the week! Again, email the team for sizing availability. Hope everyone has had a relaxing and productive summer with lots of sunshine, sleeping, and of course, cycling. See you all in a few weeks!

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