BU Cycling is a community of dedicated and passionate cyclists, comprised of a considerable number of both undergraduate and graduate students from Boston University. Being a member of the team can mean many things: It may mean you are a daily commuter who likes to spend free time on the weekends putting in some serious miles. It may mean that you are completely new to the sport, and are looking for a way to expand your knowledge and ability. For many, it means you are a racer, and enjoy the thrill of going fast, riding in a pack, honing your skills, and potentially wining races and going to national championships. Regardless of each team member’s level of commitment, as a team, we provide a comfortable and friendly environment in which you may learn and grow while pedaling alongside a group of other cyclists.  If you would like more information on becoming a member of Boston University Cycling, please contact the team email or one of the officers listed on the Contact page.

While the majority of our members focus primarily on road riding and racing, there are plenty of opportunities for you to ride and race other disciplines (MTB, cross, track, etc.). The Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference hosts races for all types of races, giving you the opportunity to race all year round. Further, if you are already dedicated to another type of racing and think you could help build up the sport among our team, please contact the us. We would love to have a more diverse group of riders, and can always stand to learn more about each type of cycling.

The team is a member of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) which extends from Maine to Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The ECCC is governed by the National Collegiate Cycling Association, which is administered by USA Cycling. Our conference is one of eleven conferences across the country that sends its best riders and teams to national competitions. The BU road team has had racers qualify for this national competition every single year since 1999.

We are sponsored through Boston University’s undergraduate student activities office (SAO) and FitRec’s Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (PERD). We are funded in part by undergraduate student fees as well as our sponsors; with the help of BU and our sponsors, we can continue to strengthen our team while keeping team dues low.