Our sponsors are what make the BU Cycling team possible.  As a club sport cycling cannot rely on the same level of support as a varsity sport, and thus we rely on our sponsors to make participation in the cycling team financially feasible to any member of the Boston University student body.  We would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting the BU Cycling team and helping the growing collegiate competitive cycling community.

Sponsored By


Rudy Project has been a long-time sponsor of the Boston University Cycling Team. They have continuously provided us with technically cool eyewear and helmets to the team, allowing us to race with confidence and style, all while being safe.



CrimsonBikes is our new shop sponsor! With locations in Fenway and Cambridge, they cater to the urban cyclist’s needs. Go check them out and say hi!


Ever wonder who keeps us looking fresh and clean on the road? Craft Sportswear produces our kit every year. We love their quality jerseys, bibs, and jackets–they survive year after year of collegiate racing, after all.


Want cycling-related media in the Northeast? Look no further than Scrub Zone. Their twitter is straight 🔥, and they make great videos recapping the ECCC race weekends.

We are always looking for new sponsors of any level. If you are interested in helping out the Boston University Cycling Team, please contact us!