Meet our 2015/2016 Officers!

New school year, new officers. Take some time to get to know our team leaders, and don’t hesitate to contact us or say hi to us on campus!


Tanya Boulanova

Junior (’17), SAR

Bio: My need for speed made me fall in love with cycling. I started as a freshman on the team, and quickly became dedicated to get dem quads

Other hobbies: Art, telling geeky science jokes, sleeping, doing physics in my sleep.

Years riding: 2

Job: I am the Co-President alongside Pete, doing everything from organizing trips and races to making sure everyone has a sweet kit and place on the team. #teammom




Peter Daniels

Junior (’17), CAS

Bio: Science nerd, biology major,… I got into cycling a while back and spent many years riding with a local club. I discovered the team freshman year and couldn’t get enough of the adrenaline rush from racing collegiate!

Other hobbies: Cooking, reading, sailing, doing organic chemistry..

Years Riding: 5.5

Job: Sharing responsibilities with Tanya as Co-President, I do half of everything that there is!



Babatunde Alford (aka Tunde)

Junior (’17), CAS

Bio: I started off doing a couple of 10 mile rides a week in California before I came to BU, thinking that was a lot. Since I’ve joined the team I now do 30 mile rides without too much trouble at all. My small interest in afternoon rides slowly turned into a love cycling and passion for bikes. I strive to improve my own skills while helping my teammates, and learning from them along the way. This team promotes the love of cycling and is open to anyone willing to continue their intrest. If you love bikes, there’s a place for you here.

Other hobbies: Exploring the City, Eating good food, long walks on the beach, spending time in nature, finding new tv shows and movies.

Years Riding: 1.5


Corey Halbert

Junior (’17), CFA

Bio: I’m a big fan of the outdoors. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, cycling is a big part of my life.

Other hobbies: Rock climbing, hiking, skateboarding

Years Riding: About two years in collegiate cycling

Job:  I’m the Road Captain! Ill be leading our weekend road rides, teaching basic skills and giving tips.




Allen Zhu

Sophomore (’18), SAR

Bio: I want to get more people enjoy cycling.

Other hobbies: basketball and soccer!

Years Riding: 4

Job: As a treasurer, I am the one to record all monetary output and input.



Jess He

Super Senior, CAS

Years riding: 1.5

Bio: Studies have shown that riding a bicycle every day makes you more awesome than the general population. I used to row for BU and picked up cycling shortly after and loved it ever since!

Other hobbies: eating, bothering my dog, running, reading and being lazy after a long day!

Job: As a secretary of this team, my main focus will be keeping team members informed about weekly rides/events and any recent updates, as well as maintaining social media platforms.Joining the cycling team will be one of the best decisions you make at BU! We are a group of dedicated athletes who also know have to have fun!





Eric Loehle

Sophomore (’18), ENG

Years riding: 1

Job: making sure everyone bikes faster than MIT. (Also leading indoor spin workouts every Tuesday and Thursday night. Watch out folks, he gives a killer workout).

Bio: Not much is known about Eric, but the legend grows every day.



Hope everyone is having a great start to the new school year! Meanwhile, we’re preparing for all you new incoming students!

See you THIS SATURDAY (9/5) at SPLASH on Nickerson Field, from 12-3. Come say hi, sign up for our email list, and watch us do a roll-a-thon!

If your legs are feeling fresh, come join us for our FIRST GROUP RIDE this SUNDAY (9/6), leaving from Marsh Plaza at 9am. Be there early so you can meet some of our awesome team members before we head out for a no-drop 30 mile ride to Dover.

Helmets required; road bikes, snacks, and water are recommended.

See you soon!


Meanwhile, Go check out our Twitter and Facebook!

Love, BU Cycling

Stevens NJ Race Recap!

Thanks to the wacky 14 that came out for an awesome first race weekend! The weekend started off solid with a team stop to a new Mexican restaurant in Hartford CT; El Sarape. While the food was pretty stellar, the team has made the conscious decision that perhaps spicy Mexican food isn’t the best thing the night before races.

When we arrived to the wonderful residence of VP Tess Timmes, we were greeted by tables full of cookies, fruit up to the ceiling, and the saltiest and bestest cashews known to man, EVER.

The Timmes parents have been officially declared the coolest parents east of California (only because it’s really hard to beat Adam’s parents since… well… the birthed Adam). Between feeding us more food than we could even eat (hard to believe for 14 cyclists), then feeding us even more food past that point, copious amounts of coffee for Jarvis, eggs on eggs on eggs on chicken and pesto, and not to forget the new team puppy, Putter, it was hard to imagine a weekend could get much better! But on top of all of that the Timmes parents were unbelievably friendly and accommodating to such a large group of odd people with shaved legs!

How about some race results??

Although the courses weren’t in optimal shape from a rough winter, the BU squad had some really solid performance from everyone, especially from all our new racers for their first time racing in a big pack!

As a team we are now ranked 12/32, thats pretty impressive!

TTT Results:

Men’s A-  Representing the back of the pack (last place is still a place!) due to two heavy mechanical faults. Only up to go from there!

Men’s C-  With two newbies, Peter and Matt, veteran Nick helped lead the team to a solid 10/14.

Women’s B-  Killer performance against some hard competition by the girls with two veteran riders, Anne and Tess, and the strong help from Natalie bringing the team into 4th.

Women’s D-  Putting the pain down on the crowds, Steph and Anna brought home a great race!

RR Results:

Men’s A-   Adam came in 26/42 like a champ, Ben hung on for a good portion of an extremely fast race and ended up around 30th, I got my sports mixed up and tried to ride my bike downhill on snow… turns out bikes don’t do that well.

Men’s B-  Jarvis’ wheel literally exploded on a pothole.

Men’s C-  Nick killed it and got 14th in a big field, Steve fought hard for a finish not far off the main pack.

Men’s D-  Matt and Peter both did great on the learning curve of their first races with 21st and 26th out of a field of nearly 50.

Women’s B-  Anne, racing against some ladies who could kick my butt, got 10th for her field.

Women’s C-  Natalie took onto a breakaway pack and showed them that she’s got some serious watts in those legs with a 2nd place finish followed by Tess who just missed the breakaway and came in at 18th.

Women’s D-  Steph and Anna worked together and came in for a sprint finish for 2nd and 3rd followed closely by Tanya just behind a pack from the final climb.

Circuit Results:

Men’s A-  Adam raced brave on a scary course, took risks and managed to hand in there for 21/40 of some of the fastest men ever. Ben raced until his legs couldn’t go and battled it hard.

Men’s C-  Nick raced aggressively and proved he is ready to make the move to the B’s with a 12th place finish. Steve’s show broke and nearly fell off, and he discovered that although he may be jacked, using only his left leg isn’t as good as everyone else using both of theirs.

Men’s D-  Matt killed it with a great 6th place finish followed by a beautiful collapse into a snow bank after the race to cool down. Peter improved huge on his tactics from the day before and moved up to almost break the top 20!

Women’s B-  Anne reached her goals and broke into the top 10 with an 8th place finish along with a good friend of hers from Harvard.

Women’s C-  Natalie used her power to pedal away from everyone on a solo break for a few laps, only to get caught with a few to go for 2nd place, followed by Tess who barely missed the top ten in her efforts to catch the break.

Women’s D-  Anna, Steph, and Tanya tried some team tactics with a strong attack by Tanya right off the line that helped to stretch the field. The girls came in 2nd, 3rd, and 6th respectively.

Way to go kids, keep it up for next weekend!


Until next time,


P.s. Don’t ride your bike into snow banks.

Rudy Project and Skratch Labs orders are in!

Thank you so much to our sponsors Rudy Project and Skratch Labs again this year. Thanks to them we’ll stay super hydrated and look super pro with all of our new gear! If you haven’t picked up your orders, contact Dave to set up a time to get them. We’re so lucky to have such fantastic sponsors and now we can look forward to a great season. Thanks!

Skratch Order 2014 IMG_9261

Upcoming News

Hi All!

A few awesome quick updates:
Our clothing order is expected for delivery on January 15! That means on January 16th everyone is going to think you are a pro cyclist.
Our season schedule looks AMAZING
Inline image 1
Just to name a few highlights:
-WE HAVE A CRIT IN FENWAY! Talk about a home advantage. Not only will all our racers be able to sleep in, but I expect crowds to be gynormous and I hope all our alumni, fans, friends and families can make it out to cheer!
-We have 4 Crits that are 6-corner crits! That means intense fast paced crazy racing and an awesome spectator event
-Road races are challenging and beautifully scenic this year! We have some amazing long A-races this year. For those that enjoy that, congratulations. You can all cheer for me as I collect free water bottles off the back of the group from around mile 40 on 🙂
As always, with so much travelling our team is looking to save funds somehow. If any of our friends are interested in hosting us for a weekend near these races, we would be eternally grateful and respectful! It’s always preferable to connect with friends and families than to post up in hotels!
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