Rudy Project and Skratch Labs orders are in!

Thank you so much to our sponsors Rudy Project and Skratch Labs again this year. Thanks to them we’ll stay super hydrated and look super pro with all of our new gear! If you haven’t picked up your orders, contact Dave to set up a time to get them. We’re so lucky to have such fantastic sponsors and now we can look forward to a great season. Thanks!

Skratch Order 2014 IMG_9261

Upcoming News

Hi All!

A few awesome quick updates:
Our clothing order is expected for delivery on January 15! That means on January 16th everyone is going to think you are a pro cyclist.
Our season schedule looks AMAZING
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Just to name a few highlights:
-WE HAVE A CRIT IN FENWAY! Talk about a home advantage. Not only will all our racers be able to sleep in, but I expect crowds to be gynormous and I hope all our alumni, fans, friends and families can make it out to cheer!
-We have 4 Crits that are 6-corner crits! That means intense fast paced crazy racing and an awesome spectator event
-Road races are challenging and beautifully scenic this year! We have some amazing long A-races this year. For those that enjoy that, congratulations. You can all cheer for me as I collect free water bottles off the back of the group from around mile 40 on :)
As always, with so much travelling our team is looking to save funds somehow. If any of our friends are interested in hosting us for a weekend near these races, we would be eternally grateful and respectful! It’s always preferable to connect with friends and families than to post up in hotels!
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Rudy Project Sponsor

Rudy Project has once again opened sponsorship with us at Boston University Cycling!

We are extremely excited to be working with them again this year, and look forward to some fresh new helmets and glasses!


2013/2014 Clothing Order Time

The time you’ve all been waiting for is here: CLOTHING ORDERS woooohooooo

Here is your chance to represent BU while you ride. Whether you are a current racer, an alumni, a parent, or just someone who has heard of BU, all orders are welcome! If someone you know isn’t on this email list, feel free to forward it to them. Once again, we are working with Hincapie Clothing (pro quality stuff!). Extremely high quality and comfort, and specially made for BU.

All Order Forms and Money are DUE by November 10th.

If you are a current BU Racer, then you need to buy gear! Our league (the ECCC) required that all racers have a collegiate racing kit. Also, now we look all matchy-matchy and fast when we ride together, who doesn’t want that?

If you are not in the Boston area, then please print out the attached Order Form and mail it with a check to:

David Villari

318 Saint Paul St. Apartment 5

Brookline, MA 02446


If anyone has question, comments, or concerns, feel free to ask me.

Also, attached is a quick preview of how awesome these uniforms are going to look, for more previews please ask!


David Villari




Help Grow BU Cycling!

Cycling has become paramount in today’s everyday scheme.  Not only racing, but daily commuting, leisure rides, and riding for exercise are becoming increasingly more commonplace.  As more and more members of the Boston University community begin to participate with Cycling, and as our team continues to grow, we could not be more thrilled.  Growing the sport or bicycle racing, especially the women’s field, is a part of what we do as committed cyclists.  Our team boasts an outrageously high number of female racers (40%), a statistic we pride ourselves on given the historically male dominated stereotype of cycling.  Getting other people excited about the pure and simple joy of riding and racing, and watching that simple enjoyment grow and propagate more riders is exactly what we want to be apart of.  Having just finished a training weekend in the white mountains of New Hampshire this passed weekend with a crew of new BU Cycling members (and a couple of vets), it is clear that the enthusiasm we all feel for cycling is surely contagious, and is rapidly spreading.

In order for us to continue to grow the sport and our team as successfully as we have been doing, we must continue to maintain a healthy checking account.  By donating to BU Cycling, you become part of a movement.  Cycling has quite literally changed many of our lives here on the team, and we hope to continue this trend of betterment for many, many years to come.  We hope to further our successes on and off the race course, in part, with your help.

To donate to BU Cycling, follow this link and choose “Friends of Cycling Team” as your designation.  All proceeds go directly to BU Cycling to help our team travel to races, subsidize race fees, and to help send our most committed racers to national championships!  As always, your support is greatly appreciated.  We couldn’t do it without you!

– BU Cycling