The Team


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.48.34 PM Tanya Boulanova and Peter Daniels (Co-Presidents) // Starting off as newbie freshmen among a team of old kids in the fall of 2013, these cool cats moved up to the higher ranks to help promote the fun of cycling.

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Anna Geary-Meyer (Vice President) // What’s the secret to her awesome race results? She also leads BU’s triathlon team! Also she climbs mountains and leads a chorus of 20 children while being a published writer.


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.38.43 PMDavid Villari (Operations) // Former President Dave, aka the hardest working and busiest college student known to man, recently worked his way up to the A category! He takes charge of the team and makes sure everything is fully operational behind the scenes. I hear he’s pretty decent at Ski Racing too!


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Steve Black (IT)// The nicest bike racer you will meet. Also he’s really good at jump-starting cars. Also racing bikes. Also he has a nice beard.



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Pat Hermann (IT) He does  the behind-the-scenes work that help us connect with our team and alumni! Website, email platforms, and anytime something goes wrong (which, well, happens).




2014-2015 Roster

Babatunde Alford

Jessica Allan

Stephen Black

Tanya Boulanova (Co-President)

Liam Burke

David Butcher

Kameron Clayton

Peter Daniels (Co-President)

Anthony DePinto

Anna Geary-Meyer (Vice President)

Corey Halbert

Jessica He

Patrick Hermann

Thomas Hsu

Morgan Lehman

Stephanie Lie

Eric Loehle

Simon Nichols

Matthew O’Connor

William Pellegrini (Treasurer)

Joseph Perez-Rogers

Carlo Quicho

Douglas Roeper

Nick Smith

Tess Timmes

Natalie Tukan

David Villari (Operations)

Lindsey Wilcox

Yejun Zhu