The Team


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.48.34 PM Tanya Boulanova and Peter Daniels (Co-Presidents) // Starting off as newbie freshmen among a team of old kids in the fall of 2013, these cool cats moved up to the higher ranks to help promote the fun of cycling.


Babatunde Alford (Secretary) // Joining later in his college career, Tunde has still proven to be one of the most dedicated and nicest racers you’ll meet. He is currently studying astrophysics, and building some new secret rocket bike to make us defeat MIT, finally. (Just kidding. We wish).



 Corey Halbert (Road Captain) // Coming all the way from the west coast, Corey took us by storm and crept into our hearts with his Californian-isms. He has some speedy legs, awesome bikes, and you’ll be seeing him lead a lot of the team rides.





Allen Zhu (Treasurer) // Allen joined us as a strong-willed and enthusiastic member, and showed vast improvement as well as overall talent! He will be the one to keep all of our money accounted for, and thus the team running smooth (hey, the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches don’t come free!). :)




Jessica He (Secretary) // Joining us as a super senior, but having all of the  knowledge from her experience with Boston Bikes! She represents the women’s side  of the team, with intense spirit, ability, and pure pedal-pushing power.




Eric Loehle (Spin Captain) // A mere freshman just last year, Eric has shown amazing capabilities and talent. He is also partaking in our sister club, BU Triathlon, which explains where he gets all of his crazy muscles from! Watch out, he has special plans to get GOLD.




2014-2015 Roster

Babatunde Alford

Jessica Allan

Stephen Black

Tanya Boulanova (Co-President)

Liam Burke

David Butcher

Kameron Clayton

Peter Daniels (Co-President)

Anthony DePinto

Anna Geary-Meyer (Vice President)

Corey Halbert

Jessica He

Patrick Hermann

Thomas Hsu

Morgan Lehman

Stephanie Lie

Eric Loehle

Simon Nichols

Matthew O’Connor

William Pellegrini (Treasurer)

Joseph Perez-Rogers

Carlo Quicho

Douglas Roeper

Nick Smith

Tess Timmes

Natalie Tukan

David Villari (Operations)

Lindsey Wilcox

Yejun Zhu