The Team

We welcome any and all Boston University students, no matter your age. As long as you have a bike, helmet, and a willingness to learn, you can join us! Visit us at spin nights or on our weekly Saturday group rides. And in the spring, come race with us! In the meanwhile, learn a little bit about our team:


Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.16.22 PM Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.26.32 PM Tanya Boulanova and Peter Daniels (Co-Presidents) // Starting off as newbie freshmen among a team of old kids in the fall of 2013, these racers are in their final year on the team. Sad face. Tanya is a senior studying physical therapy, so if you want any fun facts about the human body and muscles, she’s the person to hang with. Peter is also a senior studying biology and pre-med in CAS. He recently joined Monster Media racing and races cyclocross in the fall!

Babatunde Alford (Secretary) // Joining later in his college career, Tunde has still proven to be one of the most dedicated and nicest racers you’ll meet. He is currently studying astrophysics, and building some new secret rocket bike to make us defeat MIT, finally. (Just kidding. We wish).


13048131_10209270236423152_90410221645929935_oFisher Curran (Media) // One of our many rowing-cycling members, Fisher joined the team to try out a new sport and stay active on the pavement rather than the water. Rising up to Men’s C within his first year of racing, we have huge aspirations for this guy. Any funny tweets you see? That’s this COM major!



Allen Zhu (Treasurer) // Allen joined us as a strong-willed and enthusiastic member, and showed vast improvement as well as overall talent! He is studying to be an Athletic Trainer so if you ever need a bandaid or advice on training, go to him!!


Carlo Quicho (Road Captain) // A new intense racer on Monster Media, Carlo joined BU Cycling as a freshman and has trained his way up to Men’s B. He has his sights on attending Collegiate Road Nationals next summer, in addition to his non-collegiate racing in CX and road. He hails from the West Coast….Canada. Fun fact: he just raced at Green Mountain Stage Race up north! Need advice on nutrition and training? Ask the road capt’n!

13116096_10209364837828128_7150046823363389193_oAnthony DePinto // Best known for having the nicest parents ever, always bringing authentic New York bagels to our races. Anthony is always out and about, studying intense pre-med topics or joining us in the spin room.




Some of our racers at the ECCC Championships in Western Mass