July 15

How to Create a Blog

BU Blogs is open to all students, student organizations, faculty, researchers, staff, and departments for both business and personal use. It’s easy to create a new blog. Just follow the instructions below.

Individuals. To create a blog under your login name, just log in. A blog will be created automatically and immediately under your login name. The direct address to your blog will be:


Departments. You have two options.

1. If your department has a BU login name associated with it, just log in with that name. A blog will be created automatically and immediately under that login name. For example, the Dean of Students has a departmental account, dos. After logging in with that name, a blog would be created at blogs.bu.edu/dos. The direct address to your departmental blog will be:


2. If you want to create a departmental blog under another name, say one to match your website URL on www.bu.edu (e.g., www.bu.edu/admissions), you can. But, we must process these requests manually, so it will take 1 – 2 business days to complete. Just complete this form to request a blog under another name.

All Users.

If you have any questions, send them to the IT Help Center.

— Richard

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November 7, 2008