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August 12

BU Blogs Now Available for Prelaunch Use

While not yet ready for an official launch, anyone can begin using BU Blogs now. This new service is open to all students, student organizations, faculty, researchers, staff, and departments for both business and personal use. We invite you to create a blog (see below) and begin using and testing this service.

BU Blogs is at its launch address ( and it’s using its production database. So, anything you put in your blog will remain there after the official launch, unless you delete it yourself.

We have some remaining work ahead of us, including:

  1. Complete the design, which is by New Media.
  2. Set up back ups on the system.
  3. Produce training materials.

We expect to complete this work and launch this service by the end of August, 2008. If you have any questions, send them to WebCentral Help Staff.

— Richard

November 7, 2008