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Review: Archaeology Day! and MEETINGS UPDATE!

Greetings all! I hope that those of you who came out to Archaeology Day had a great time! We had a lot of fun activities to do like cross mending, writing your name in Maya glyphs, flint-knapping with Prof. Carballo, and much more! However, if you missed Archaeology Day at the Gabel, do not despair. […]

Journal Update

The BUAS has officially made the call for submissions to the journal and for applications for the editorial board! If you are interested, then check out our journal page!

No meeting for the week of 9/30-10/4

Hello members! I hope you all had a good time at our last meeting, where we had a riveting discussion about museums and archaeologists. For all those who missed the meeting you missed out on some delicious insomnia cookies. However, it is time for some sad news.¬†Unfortunately, the BU Archaeology Society will not be meeting […]