Recap: September Grand Rounds: Interview Screening Questions

We hold our monthly Grand Rounds in Medical Advocacy on the 27th of
September and despite the many (many!) events that were going on at the
same time, we were happy to have a great turnout! The students who came were mostly 1st years, and we also had two 2nd year students. Unlike the other Grand Rounds that consist primarily in listening to a speaker, these September Grand Rounds consisted of a workshop led by two 4th year students, namely Katelyn Fritzges and Hugo Carmona. The purpose of the workshop was to teach medical students ways to effectively and respectfully screen patients for social determinants of health such as poverty, homelessness, hunger, immigration status, fear of deportation, social support or lack thereof, inability to read, and background information about potential traumatic past events. The students who participated in the workshop raised a lot of interesting questions and we hope that the workshop has enhanced their ability to confidently and professionally screen patients for sensitive issues that go well beyond the biological basis of disease and are critical to successful patient care.


*Thanks to Juliette Flam for this summary!

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