About Us

Welcome Terriers!

The Boston University Badminton Club is an open, diverse, and organic sports club that aims to provide all of its members an opportunity to explore the incredible world of badminton. We are a club sports team that welcomes all students who are interested in exploring and mastering the art of badminton. We will show you this world is amazingly cool! The club is divided into two segments: 1) Tournament team that competes in intercollegiate tournaments 2) Recreational part where students enjoy themselves while playing badminton

We have two practice session per week, both held at FitRec:

Friday 7 – 10 PM (FitRec, lower courts 2 & 3)

Saturday 11 AM – 2 PM (FitRec, lower courts 2)

Executive Board for academic year 2018-2019

President: JunHui Lin (QST’ 20)

Vice President: Nicole Frevold (CAS’ 20)

Secretary: Skyler Tse(CFA’ 20)

Treasurer:Jiawen Rao (QST’ 20)

Club Assistant: Ruoqi Shi (CAS’ 21)