The Boston University Badminton Club is a club team that welcomes anyone who is interested in exploring the world of badminton.  We will show you this world is amazingly cool! The club has an advanced team that competes in several tournaments, as well as recreational section where people play badminton for fun.

We have practice 2 times every week, please come along whenever you feel like doing some badminton!

Friday 7 – 10 PM (FitRec, lower courts 2&3)

Saturday 11 AM – 2 PM (FitRec, lower courts 2)

You do not need to bring racquets or birds (although it is recommended to bring your own racquet for a better experience overall). We have loaners that we can lend to you for the time.

Executive Board for academic year 2016-2017

President: Yihao Hu (ENG’ 18)

Vice President: Yuanpei Wang (CAS’ 19)

Secretary: Xiyu Zhou (CAS’ 19)

Treasurer: Jiatong Li (CAS’ 19)