1. Who can join the club?

Our club is open to everyone in the BU community. If you are students or faculty, please come to our practices and talk to our officers (or email us) for more information. Our membership, unfortunately, is not open to people outside BU community. If you are not a BU affiliate but have friends who are members of the club, feel free to ask them to bring you to our practices. A drop-in fee of 5 dollars will apply. Also, if you are an advanced player, we would love to invite you to come to our practices and play, but please email us beforehand so that we can get you a guest pass which is free of charge.


2. Are there tryouts?

No. Anyone is free to join the club and become a member (after fee is taken care of). A small try-out may be held for new players interested in joining our tournament team to see where they would fit best.


3. Is there training?

Training is only for tournament team players. We have professional coaches who are in charge of training competitive players. There are two sections to the badminton practice – 3 courts are dedicated to training and 3 courts are dedicated to 20-minute rotating recreational play.


4. Do I need to bring racquets or shoes?

No. It is strongly recommended, because there are limited racquets and the badminton shoes will definitely enhance your badminton experience.


5. How much is the membership due? What’s the purpose of collecting membership dues?

The membership dues is 30 dollars for recreational members and 40 dollars for tournament team players. Membership dues will pay for the shuttlecocks, racket strings and other necessary equipment. Tournament team players pay 10 dollars extra for training.