1. Who can join the club?

Our club is open to all BU students and faculty. Our club, unfortunately, is not open to people outside of the BU community. If you are not a BU affiliate but have friends who are members of the club, feel free to ask them to bring you to our practices. A drop-in fee of 5 dollars will apply.

2. Will rackets or shuttlecocks be provided?

Although it is strongly recommended to bring your own rackets, we do have a limited number of badminton rackets for members to borrow. Top tier quality shuttlecocks will be provided by the club.

3. How much is the membership due? What does it cover?

The membership dues is 35 dollars for recreational members and 45 dollars for tournament team players. Membership dues will be use to cover for the shuttlecocks, rackets and other necessary equipment. For tournament team players, it covers tournament-related costs such as transportation, registration fees, and hotel accommodation.

4. When/Where will practice be held?

We have two practice session per week, both held at FitRec:

Friday 7 – 10 PM (FitRec, lower courts 2 & 3)

Saturday 11 AM – 2 PM (FitRec, lower courts 2)

There are two sections to the badminton practice – 3 courts are dedicated to tournament team for training and 3 courts are dedicated to 20-minute rotating recreational play.

5. How do I join the tournament team?

We will have tryouts at the beginning of each semester (usually the 3rd week of the semester) for members who are interested in joining tournament team and compete in the tournaments.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at bubadmin@bu.edu