About Us

“We are a networking and mentoring organization for women.”

85 Broads was founded by Janet Hanson in 1997, defining the next step in her career after eleven years at Goldman Sachs, & Co. The network was originally exclusive to women who formerly worked at Goldman Sachs, focusing on later career development and re-entry into the workforce. It has now expanded to include women at over 250 of the world’s leading colleges, universities and graduate schools. The network has become a strong, multi-disciplinary community of over 17,000 women across all seven continents.

Global Network

85 Broads is a global network of some of the most intelligent and accomplished women of the world. Members of 85 broads include women in some of the world’s leading investment banks, law firms, consultant firms, and nonprofits.

We are a networking and mentoring organization for women. The organization takes you throughout your career and the challenges you face later in your career and provides any resources you would need.

It’s Official

During Fall 2007, Boston University chapter of 85 Broads became recognized as an official Boston University organization. The group has hosted and attended multiple career development conferences and networking events and speakers.

Group Biographies

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