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85 Broads

85 Broads is an exclusive global women’s network with members who live, work, and study in 82 countries around the world. The women in 85 Broads are business professionals, lawyers, educators, philanthropists, politicians, athletes, scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs.







85 Broads was originally founded in 1997 as a social network for women who worked for Goldman Sachs at 85 Broad Street, the investment bank’s NYC headquarters. In 2000, the network was expanded to include a more diverse group of women from a variety of fields and backgrounds, including the non-profit sector.

Where We are Now

Today, over 20,000 women who are students and alumnae from the world’s leading colleges, universities, graduate business schools, law schools, medical schools, and other graduate programs belong to 85 Broads.

The Boston University Chapter

Since 2007, we are a student-run chapter, focusing on organizing monthly speaker and networking events as well as our annual Spring Conferences. We aim to connect BU students with professionals in their field and help jump start their career.


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