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Back to Back Blues!

BUET had a fantastic start to the season with back to back wins at Brandeis and Stonehill this weekend! A special congratulations to our new members Allie Casey, Tyla Gariepy, Angela Egger, Selen Terzi and Maddie Scott for riding so well in their first IHSA shows, and to our Walk-Trot superstar Aneri Vakharia for qualifying for regionals. Complete results below:

Brandeis/Northeastern Co-Host:


Team Score: 41, Champion High Point Team

Individual Results:

Clare Bornstein: 2nd Open Flat, 2nd Open Fences

Michael Janson: 4th Open Flat, 1st Open Fences

Caroline Rakip: 1st Intermediate Flat, 2nd Novice Fences

Allie Casey: 4th Intermediate Fences

Tyla Gariepy: 3rd Novice Fences

Julia Boral: 1st Novice Flat

Leal Morehouse: 2nd Alumni Fences, 3rd Alumni Flat

Hannah Campbell: 1st WTC

Selen Terzi: 3rd WTC

Aneri Vakharia: 1st WT


Stonehill/BU Co-Host:


Team Score: 37, Champion High Point Team

Individual Results: 

Clare Bornstein: 2nd Open Flat, 1st Open Fences, Reserve Champion High Point Rider

Grace Cusick: 6th Intermediate Fences

Allie Casey: 1st Intermediate Fences

Caroline Rakip: 1st Intermediate Flat, 6th Novice Fences

Tyla Gariepy: 4th Novice Fences

Mikaela Lindemann: 1st Novice Fences

Angela Egger: 4th Novice Flat

Julia Boral: 1st Novice Flat

Selen Terzi: 6th WTC

Maddie Scott: 2nd WTC

Aneri Vakharia: 3rd WT

Great rides everyone! Show season continues on November 5th at Boston College.



Caroline Rakip

Caroline has been riding since she was 6 years old. She competed in MHC and the New England Equitation Championship as a junior in high school. She also was a member of the North Gate Farm Equestrian team as a junior and senior and went to National’s both years.  As a freshman on BUET, Caroline finished the season placing 9th in the Novice Flat in IHSA Zone 1.

IHSA Nationals 2016

BUET Captain Leal Morehouse (COM ’16) and Junior Captain Clare Bornstein (CAS, COM ’17) were selected to compete among the nation’s best riders at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Finals in Lexington, Kentucky on May 5th, 2016. Qualifying in as individuals in Open Fences and Intermediate Fences respectively, the two riders were accompanied by head coach Phyllis Cervelli and secretary Jackie Leogrande (Questrom ’16). Leal Morehouse finished with an honorable mention, while Clare Bornstein finished with a 10th place finish. Congratulations ladies!

2015-2016 Season Overview

Worcester State – 10/3/15

Awards: Reserve High Point Team, High Point Rider – Leal Morehouse

  • Leal Morehouse – High Point Rider
    • Open Fences – 1st place
    • Open Flat – 1st place
  • Sydney Fadel
    • Open Fences – 6th place
    • Intermediate Flat – 1st place
  • Clare Bornstein
    • Intermediate Fences – 4th place
    • Intermediate Flat – 1st place
  • Austin Hunt (Intermediate Fences) – 3rd place
  • Rachel Litton (Novice Fences) – 7th place
  • Logan Capone (Novice Fences) – 1st place
  • Claudia Tate (Novice Flat) – 3rd place
  • Erica Peterson (Adv. WTC) – 4th place
  • Katie Bhattacharya (Adv. WTC) – 6th place

Northeastern – 10/10/15

Awards: Reserve High Point Team, Reserve High Point Rider – Julia Boral

  • Leal Morehouse
    • Open Fences – 2nd place
    • Open Flat – 1st place
  • Clare Bornstein
    • Intermediate Fences – 1st place
    • Intermediate Flat – 2nd place
  • Logan Capone
    • Novice Fences – 3rd place
    • Novice Flat – 5th place
  • Julia Boral – Reserve High Point Rider
    • Novice Fences – 1st place
    • Novice Flat – 1st place
  • Caroline Rakip (Novice Fences) – 1st place
  • Hannah Campbell (Adv. WTC) – 1st place
  • Erica Peterson (Adv. WTC) – 5th place
  • Taisia Ivanova (Adv. WTC) – 4th place
  • Aneri Vakharia – 5th place

Brandeis – 10/11/15

Awards: High Point Rider – Leal Morehouse

  • Leal Morehouse – High Point Rider
    • Open fences: 1st place
    • Open flat: 2nd Place
  • Clare Bornstein
    • Intermediate fences: 5th place
    • Intermediate flat: 3rd place
  • Austin Hunt (Intermediate Fences) – 4th place
  • Mikaela Lindemann (Novice Fences) – 1st place
  • Caroline Rakip
    • Novice fences: 4th place
    • Novice flat: 1st place
  • Erica Peterson (Adv. WTC) – 2nd
  • Katelyn Sobel (Beg. WTC) – 2nd
  • Aneri Vakharia (WT) – 4th

BC/Tufts – 10/25/15

  • Leal Morehouse
    • Open Fences – 4th place
    • Open Flat – 4th place
  • Clare Bornstein
    • Intermediate Fences – 5th place
    • Intermediate Flat – 2nd place
  • Abhi Natarajan (Novice Fences) – 2nd place
  • Caroline Rakip
    • Novice Fences – 4th place
    • Novice Flat – 2nd place
  • Julia Boral (Novice Flat) – 1st place
  • Erica Peterson (Adv. WTC) – 2nd place
  • Hannah Campbell (Adv. WTC) – 2nd place
  • Jackie Leogrande (Beg. WTC) – 3rd place
  • Aneri Vakharia (Walk Trot) – 1st place

Stonehill – 10/31/15

 Wellesley/Wheaton – 11/1/15

Boston University & Mt. Ida – 11/7/15

Hannah Campbell

Hannah Campbell

Hannah began riding horses at a very young age. She was greatly influenced by her mother who would bring her to the race track on weekends and occasionally take a race horse home. Her mother was in the business of retraining Thoroughbreds for their new careers after their days on the track were finished. Hannah spent her childhood riding as many horses as she could, which involved riding her family’s old off the track Thoroughbred, leasing ponies off of friends, and taking lessons. In high school she began showing in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association with Wachusett Equestrian Team, where she qualified for regional competition each year. During Hannah’s freshman year of college,she was given the go ahead to start searching for her first horse. She ended up buying Sara, a flea-bitten grey mare and it was no surprise that this horse was a Thoroughbred. Hannah quickly began to prepare Sara to compete in Hunter Jumper competitions with the help of her long time trainer, Stacy Bond. It began with cross rails and now the pair show at 2’6 heights. Hannah came to the Boston University Equestrian Team in her Sophomore year of college and showed quite a bit in Advanced W/T/C. Now entering her junior year, she is hoping to qualify for regionals.


Julia Boral

Julia has been riding since she was 3 years old. Throughout high school, she competed in IEA shows.  She has also had her horse, Claudio, for a little over a year and together they have done the junior equitation and three foot hunters.  This past year they did their first (and last) union equitation medal and placed 13th out of 67 at MHJ.

Julia Boral