Piecing Together Our History

Cheers from London!

This semester for the BUFC has been quite an exciting one, especially for a spectator like me watching and hearing about our results from Europe. It is all about to get even more thrilling as my fellow team mates compete at our annual club nationals tournament this coming weekend.

One of our current side projects is to piece together our history and alumni base for our club. As we continue to conduct research and dig up anything that could help us with this project, we have also created a LinkedIn group. The link can be found here:


If you are a user of LinkedIn and would like to reconnect with past fencers, please request to join and let us know the years you fenced with the BUFC, what weapon you were, any positions you held and specific accomplishments made by the team during your years with the club. We would really appreciate your help.

Once again, good luck to my fellow team mates this coming weekend. Go Terriers!


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