Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BUFSC?
The Boston University FSC is a both a club at BU and a FSC registered with USFS. Composed of about 60 members, this club is dedicated to the enjoyment and personal success of the figure skaters at BU. We have a competition team that participates in several intercollegiate competitions on the east coast each year. The BUFSC has qualified for the National Intercollegiate Figure Skating Championships almost every year, and has won Nationals in 2009 and 2010.

What if I’ve never skated before?
We recommend that you take one of the free PDPs offered to BU students through FitRec. More information can be found here.

Why join?
Joining the BUFSC allows you to skate on club ice. Once you pay your yearly membership fee you can skate on any freestyle session at no extra cost. Plus, the BUFSC is a great way to meet fellow skaters and future friends. This club supports and encourages its members in the unique world of collegiate skating, and you’ll have the chance to travel and compete at numerous colleges all over America.

Can alumni join?

Unfortunately, alumni are not allowed to join BUFSC due to BU Club Sports policy. However, alumni are welcome to register for USFS membership through the club and to skate during open skate at Walter Brown. Ice times for open skate can be found here.

How much does it cost?
To join the BUFSC for the 2012-2013 year it will range from $500-800 depending on fundraising and location of our competitions
To join USFS through BUFSC (annual): $40 (see “Membership” for additional information)
Jackets and Bags (mandatory for all competitors): about $120 (note that every member needs to join BUFSC, but some choose to join USFS through their home club and you only need to join USFS once each year)

What does my BUFSC membership fee cover?
You’re BUFSC membership fee covers all of your ice time for the academic year. It also covers all coaching that you receive from BUFSC’s coach during our ice time. If you choose to compete, your membership fee will also cover travel and entry fees (for as long as funds hold!). Yes parents, this is a great deal.

When are practices?
Practices are generally four mornings a week, 7:30-9am; Monday-Friday 1:30-3pm; Thursday 8-9pm. Updated schedules can be found under “calendar of events.”

Is there a coach?

BUFSC has a full-time coach. Coach Andrea attends all of our practice sessions and competitions. All team members (competitive and recreational) are encouraged to see Andrea for private lessons during our practice times. Skaters are also welcome to receive private coaching at other local rinks.

Is it mandatory to practice or compete?
No. You can practice as much or as little as you would like, and competing is optional. However, if you do choose to compete with BUFSC, practicing 3 times a week is mandatory.

What are intercollegiate competitions like?
Intercollegiate competitions are unlike any other figure skating event. While all the events are solos (freestyle and dance) the atmosphere is incredibly team oriented. Skaters from preliminary to senior levels, from all different schools, compete against each other to earn points for their team. At the end of the competition, the team with the most points wins.
BUFSC drives to competitions on the east coast (in BU’s vans, driven by van-certified teammates). We share hotel rooms and usually go out for at least one team dinner together. When we’re not on the ice, we’re sitting in the stands cheering each other on.

What if I haven’t taken that many USFS tests? Can I still compete?

There is no minimal level for joining the club. The way intercollegiate competitions work, each skater can earn the same amount of points no matter their level. A pre-juvenile skater can earn just as many points for the team as a senior lady. Thus it is extremely important that we have a diverse team with an even mixture of low, medium, and high level skaters (and we do!).

What if I’m not sure I want to compete?
Many incoming students are not sure if they want to continue competing in college, or if they want to get back into the competition scene after taking time off. We encourage you to take some time to acclimate to college-life. Incoming students often choose not to compete fall semester and then join the competitive team in the spring. We also hold a winter and spring show each year in which all team members are encouraged to participate.

Is the Synchro team part of the BUFSC?
No, the Synchro team and the BUFSC are two separate clubs with separate fees. That being said many members opt to skate on both teams. More information on the synchro team can be found here.
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