Bilski v. Kappos

The Supreme Court release their opinion of Bilski yesterday, leaving more questions than answers on business method tests. Reactions are streaming in from around the country.

Patently-O writes:

In general, the opinion offers no clarity or aid for those tasked with determining whether a particular innovation falls within Section 101. The opinion provides no new lines to be avoided. Rather, the outcome from the decision might be best stated as “business as usual.”

Follow ongoing commentary at Patently-O, and you can also check out the full opinion in Bilski v. Kappos.

Patent Wars: Apple files patent counter-suit against Kodak

In January, Kodak sued both Apple and RIM (makers of Blackberry) for infringing on patented imaging technology.

In an answer filled this week, Apple claims not only that Kodak’s patents are invalid, but counterclaimed that Kodak is infringing upon two of their own patents.

Read more at Ars Technica

Look up the patents themselves on Google.

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